Bank of Ghana Governor Clarifies Allegation of Calling MPs “Hooligans” During Protest

Governor of the Bank of Ghana

The Governor of the Bank of Ghana (BoG), Dr. Ernest Addison, has addressed reports suggesting he referred to some minority MPs as “hooligans” during the #OccupyBoG protest in October last year. Apexnewsgh reports

Dr. Addison clarified that the alleged description did not come from him but was a misinterpretation by a foreign media house that initially covered the event.

The #OccupyBoG demonstration in October 2023, organized by a coalition of minority parliamentarians, NDC supporters, and interest groups, called for the resignations of Dr. Addison and his deputies over accusations of economic mismanagement and unauthorized currency printing.

In an interview with the international business website Central Banking, Dr. Addison dismissed the NDC-led protest as “completely unnecessary.” However, during his appearance before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) in Parliament on April 8, 2024, Dr.

Addison firmly rejected claims of labeling the protesters as hooligans. He emphasized that the term “hooliganism” was a misinterpretation by the foreign media and did not accurately reflect his statements.

Dr. Addison asserted, “Those who know me and my character… you have not heard a single recorded message with me describing parliamentarians in that manner.

This was some foreign journalist’s interpretation of our conversation, and I disassociate myself from it.” The clarification aims to address and rectify the misrepresentation of his remarks during the #OccupyBoG protest.

Source: Apexnewsgh.com/Ghana

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