Cocoa Farmers Association Displeased with New Farm Gate Prices for Cocoa Beans


The Cocoa Farmers Association has expressed disappointment with the new farm gate prices for cocoa beans set by the government through the Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD). Apexnewsgh reports

The announcement includes an increase in the Producer Price of cocoa by 58.26% from 1,308ghc to 2,070ghc per 64kg for the remainder of the 2023/24 cocoa season.

In response, the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) criticized the farm-gate price, stating that anything below 60% of the international market price is unfair to the nation’s cocoa farmers who are already struggling due to declining cocoa output. The NDC called on the government to provide a more substantial increase to compensate for the losses farmers have incurred.

The President of the Cocoa Farmers Association, Stephenson Anane Boateng, also expressed dissatisfaction with the new prices, citing that global cocoa prices have risen significantly, making the current farm gate prices inadequate.

Mr.  Boateng highlighted the disparity between what farmers receive and what COCOBOD receives, calling it an insult to the hard-working farmers.

However, the Cocoa Farmers Association and the NDC are urging the government to reconsider the farm gate prices for cocoa beans to ensure that cocoa farmers receive fair compensation for their labor and inputs.


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