How can an MP who owes GN Bank claimed he sponsored a brain surgery- Rex Asanga


The NPP Parliamentary Candidate for Bolgatanga Central Rex Asanga has exposed Isaac Adongo on what he described as ‘Lies and a Sign of Desperation’ to win him power.

According to the press statement issued by the NPP Parliamentary candidate Mr. Asanga, what was posted by Bolgatanga Central MP Facebook page on October 8, 2020, was nothing but palpable falsehood against him and his family, especially by stating how he supported his family member to undergo a brain surgery in India, a post and claim he described as total fabrications and an effigy of his own imagination.

However, from all the accusations and claims made by Mr. Adongo, the NPP Parliamentary candidate acknowledge being a staunch Catholic to be the only truth seen in the MPs falsehood write up on Facebook.
He said, Mr. Adongo aim in peddling what he described as lies must be obvious to the general public, because is part of his planned strategy to tarnish his image and make him appear a bad person in the eyes of the public all in the hope that salvage his own sinking image.

He admonished the general public to disregard what Adongo has been going round telling his supporters that, he Adongo was in collision with Hon. Kofi Adda, the Minister for Aviation and MP for Navrongo Central and His Excellency President Akufo Addo to relocate the Bolgatanga airport project to Navrongo. A pronouncement Mr. Asanga described as a wicked scheme aimed at creating bad blood between him and Hon. Minister and His Excellency the President.

Read the full press release:

Hon. Asanga Rex writes

Lies are a Sign of Desperation

My attention was drawn to some very disturbing and astonishing claims made by Hon Isaac Adongo, the MP for Bolgatanga Central Constituency on his official Facebook page on the 8th of October. My first response was that such a claim couldn’t be made by Mr. Adongo, arguing that the Hon MP wouldn’t peddle such palpable falsehoods about me or my family knowing very well that those lies will be exposed sooner or later. However, as prove, the informant screenshot the statement and sent it to me as confirmation. He (Adongo) has since pulled down the post for reasons best known to him. However, given the fact that many people have already read the story before it was pulled down, I deem it appropriate to make a response so that people will know that they are total fabrications and an effigy of his own imagination. I am therefore writing this piece to let all and sundry know that Hon Adongo peddled lies and falsehood in that write up. His aim in peddling those lies must be obvious to all. It us intended to tarnish my image and make me appear a bad person in the eyes of the public all in the hope that he could salvage his own sinking image.
The only truth in that worthless piece of write-up is that i am a staunch Catholic. Let me add that, not only am i a Catholic, but an active one who plays various roles in the church including marriage counselling, Communiun Minister and a teacher. In view of my Christian faith, I am married to one wife and not many women as Mr Adongo has sought to portray. Despite this being public knowledge Hon Isaac Adongo chooses the path of deliberate mischief thinking he can bring my Christian character into question and disrepute for his selfish political ends. Another wicked lie the Hon member of parliament told in the write up is that he had paid the medical bills for one of my sons for a brain surgery in India. This is a very wicked lie and i urge all to disregarded it with all the contempt it deserves. Since their birth, never at any stage of their lives have my sons or daughter needed a surgery, let alone being flown abroad under the imagined benevolence of Jon Isaac Adongo for a brain surgery. Not even an extended family or member of my clan has had any such medical condition or any financial assistance from Hon Adongo.
Just a few years ago, the Hon MP’s name was in the newspapers for non payment of loans owed the then struggling GN Bank. This contributed to the eventual collapse and liquidation of the bank. Isn’t it curious then that he suddenly has the financial wherewithal to sponsor people to India for imagined brain surgery. While I was figuring out how to respond to these lies, i was hit with yet another lie by the Hon Adongo. A Bolgatanga based FM radio station, A1, called me and ask me for my response to another pack of lies peddled by the Hon MP against me. According to the Station the Hon MP while addressing NDC supporters at an event stated that I have been going around and telling people that he, Isaac Adongo was in collusion with Hon Kofi Adda, the Minister for Aviation and MP for Navrongo Central and His Excellency President Akufo Addo to relocate the Bolgatanga airport project to Navrongo. This is not only a lie but a wicked scheme aimed at creating bad blood between myself and the Hon Minister and His Excellency the President. It is very clear that the desperation of Hon Isaac Adongo is getting to fever pitch. In his frustration, he is clawing at everything possible in an effort to cause disaffection for me, for his own narrow and temporal political ends. But I can assure him that he has already failed.
I urge the public to disregard the MP’s unguarded comments as they are just a figment of his own imagination and a spillover of his desperation. I remain an honest and focused Politician who will not trade my integrity on the altar of lies. Winning the Bolgatanga Central seat in the upcoming elections is my focus and I will not be distracted from it with such infantile lies. Hon Isaac Adongo’s sudden love for lies are only a sign of the extent of his desperation, haven realised that the people of Bolgatanga Central have resolved to show him the exit in the December polls, for none performance and his lack of concern for matters affecting the Constituency and their very lives. All who know me can testify that all my life I have worked to transform the lives of people within the Constituency and the UER in general. I have a track record to campaign on and do not need to rely on falsehood, lies and fabrications to help me make my case to the good people of Bolgatanga. I call on all and sundry to let us unite to change the face of our politics by showing this MP the exit. Bolgatanga Central deserves better.


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