Jerry John Rawlings deserved a special burial ceremony from the people of Upper East–Prof Avea Nsoh

Prof. Avea Nsoh and the late former President Jerry John Rawlings wearing smock in traditional event

Former Upper East Regional Minister, Prof. Avea Nsoh, has initiated a call for the people of Upper East Region to organize a special burial ceremony in honor of the late former Ghana President Jerry John Rawlings.

Prof. Avea who spoke exclusively with Apexnewsgh.com said the former President Jerry John Rawlings deserved such great honor because of his unmatched contribution to the people of the Upper East Region.

He cited ‘smock’ as one of the numerous examples the late President brought to the people of Upper East Region especially with exposure of smock internationally which he did to market the globe of Upper East across the globe. Stressing that today, smog has become a source of livelihood to the people of the Upper East Region due to the massive request from both locally and internationally.
J.J Rawlings is well-loved by the people of the Upper East Region.

However, Prof. Avea is confident that his call for a special burial for the Late President will be welcomed by well- meaning people of the Region.

“The motivation for the call is about his contribution to the region. I also feel that, as a way to recognize him, it was not possible for us to do it straight because of the way it was organized there. It is too formal, too restricted, and with the COVID and all that, it is not the way people would have actually done it. So, apart from that, we have our own cultural way of doing burial and that will allow us to exhibit our own culture as a way of proclaiming how we do it whiles reorganizing him. There are two ways of doing it, we could do it like, a cross-cultural kind of thing where we can do it at a certain location where all people can come and we just have a weak-keeping and then, we can do all sort of drumming and dancing, I mean all sort of celebration. Each community, the Bawku people can come, the Fumbisi people can come, the Kassim can come and they come with all the kind of traditional things they do for funerals and they can display there and I know we can do that. And the other thing is that we could choose the Kassim people to organize it as a funeral and all of us will now move to participate. They will celebrate it the way they will celebrate a funeral for Kassim distinguish person and we can go and greet the way greet funerals with our drums and the way we wear our clothes we can do all that but most of it will be done by the Kassim people and after, we can continue with that in some other areas across the region. And I think, we should find a way and try to do that, it will be very very great because, he has done a lot of things as I keep saying, making the smock alone an international dress code is not a small thing. He told Apexnewsgh.com

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