Letter Addressed To GNAT, NAGRAT, CCT, TEWU And All Other Teacher Unions


Good morning GNAT, NAGAT, CCT, TEWU and all other teacher unions.

I hope things are getting better with you all for our continues stay at home due to the Corona virus

There are some issues I wish to draw your attention to as we gear towards the election.

The first is about our colleagues that were affected by the three months pay policy (legacy arrears).

We all know, there has been uncountable times teachers document were requested by various quarters for the purpose of processing and payment of the arrears but nothing good comes out of it.

Recently, these documents were taking again and still now, there is no sign of payment of anything.

Are we sitting down for this election to pass by knowing very well in this country that, workers demands are best met in times like this.
Is it not time for our Union leaders to rise and demand for what is right for their members whose little contributions are their take homes

Secondly, the regional offices of the GES recently again through the MMDAs educational offices took some documents for the purpose of upgrading of our colleagues who were denied upgrading due to failure to secure permission for further studies or other reasons.
That one too till now, there is no sign of upgrading letters issued to the teachers let alone processing of corresponding salary and payments and our Union leaders are still silent.

What is going on, why do we belong to the unions?
What is the role of the unions in the welfare and development of the teacher.

Is the teacher not qualify to receive payment for the work he does?

Colleagues finally, we are getting closer to the last two months of the year and there is no news about how the coming year will treat us(base pay rate).

I am asking ones again, is this not the right time to go the table to bargain something substantial for the teacher?

It’s time for us to rise and demand what is good for for us.

I hope this get to all stake holders.
Good morning.


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Ngamegbulam C. S

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