Ministerial Vetting: Kweku Baako shoots down NDC propaganda

Kweku Baako
Editor-in-Chief of The New Crusading Guide Newspaper, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako has shot down propaganda sophistry by pro-NDC elements regarding the work and powers of the Appointments Committee of Parliament in the vetting and approval of ministers-designate for the Republic of Ghana.
A lot of discussions regarding the composition of the 26-Member Committee (13 each from the two major political parties) have come up lately and this has someway, somehow energized members and sympathizers of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), who have thus admonished their Members of Parliament to reject some ministerial nominees of the president outrightly at the Committee level.
Reacting through a Facebook post by one Mohammed Maigah, an NDC Social Media Activist, which reads, “NDC Appointment Committee Members, kindly Adopt The Supreme Court Formula-Unanimous Rejection”, veteran journalist, Kweku Baako underscored the need for NDC propagandists to research, read and appreciate what the “sacred” book of Parliament, i.e, Standing Orders say relative to such issues.
Mr. Baako wrote, “Mohammed Maigah, please, carefully read the Standing Orders from 172(4) to 172(8) as you have generously provided to me here. Sub-orders from (4) to (8) deal with HOW and WHAT should be done to the Appointment Committee’s REPORT when it has been presented to the whole HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT(THE PLENARY). It is within that framework that Order 172(8) kicks in, NOT at the Committee level.”, he stated.
He added, “Double-check the sub-heading/ title for/ of Standing Order 172 (on its left-hand side); it reads, “The Appointments Committee, its procedure and REPORT(caps-mine) and relate it to Order 172(4) when “The Committee shall report to Parliament within three days after it has concluded its proceedings when Parliament is sitting. PARLIAMENTARY APPROVAL of persons RECOMMENDED FOR APPOINTMENT SHALL BE BY SECRET BALLOT OR CONSENSUS'” (All caps-mine).
“Subsequent to Standing Order 172(4), the procedures to adopt in the voting process for approval or otherwise are outlined in order 172(5), (6) and (7). Finality is brought to bear on the process in accordance with 172(8) which says, “A CANDIDATE WHO FAILS TO SECURE FIFTY PERCENT (50%) OF THE VOTE CAST IS REJECTED.”
“That FINALITY is the preserve of the WHOLE HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT, THE PLENARY”, he stated.
“As a student of parliamentary procedures, practice, precedents and history, that is my understanding and appreciation of the specific Standing Orders you have generously shared with me here. The Hansard will vindicate my understanding and appreciation. Have a blessed day”, he ended.
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