NABDAM: Without money there will be no ‘erection’, fix unemployment rate—NDC Women’s Organizer to Stephen Yakubu


The Nabdam Women Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Leticia Yamga has tasked the Upper East Regional Minister to focus on improving the regional unemployment rate by creating Job for the youth rather than having interest on sexual intercourse.

The Minister, Stephen Yakubu, questioned the suitability of the policy for farming communities and suggested that it could threaten conjugal stability in those areas. Mr. Yakubu made these remarks during a festival in Sakote, as seen in a video by ApexnewsGh

“The vice president is saying that he understands the region. He says that this 24-hour economy, my brothers, when we work in the farms and we are tired in the night we have to sleep with our wives.

“We have to be with our wives. In the night you want us to go and be farming and then people will come and take our wives away?” the minister questioned amidst shouts of no from his audience.

In response to what the NDC in Naddam describes as an ‘irresponsible comment’ from the Regional Minister, the Nabdam NDC Women Wing, led by Madam Leticia Yamga, the Constituency Women Organizer, says the Minister who is interested in sexual intercourse should know that level of unemployment in the region is high and without money there will be no erection.

“I don’t know the Regional Minister Made such comment, because more pressing issues that is hanging. I don’t know whether is because he is in the same party with Bawumia, He has Bawumia style of politics, anything that doesn’t depend on politics, he tries to bring in politics. I don’t know why he went to such a festival to address people and he was bringing in this 24hours economy over there”.

“If you look at our young men these days, a lot of them have graduated from the University and other colleges and they are in the house, they don’t have job to do and ask me whether such young men they really have erection? Because when you looked at it, money is everything. If you don’t have money, there is nothing that will make you to have an erection. So, the Regional Minister should be talking about youth unemployment in Upper East not about returning from work to have sex with your wife”.

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