NPP ‘bleeding’ in Nabdam Constituency; reconciliation proposed


It seems the NPP in the Nabdam constituency will need a serious reconciliation committee to be able to heal wounds and to move on as a formidable force.

Events from Nabdam NPP since the Parliamentary primaries suggest some deep cracks within the party with some putting the blame on the NPP Regional Chairman, Lawyer Anthony Namoo and others on the constituency executives.

It would be recalled that, during the NPP Parliamentary primaries, one Mr. Michael Zuri was disqualified which some of his supporters saw as the making of the Regional Chairman to facilitate what they described as his 2024 parliamentary ambitions.

Lawyer Anthony Namoo denied this allegation in an interview with A1 radio then. He, however, did something that surprised a lot of people in the region by going to buy airtime on the same radio station to attack Mr. Mike Zuri for phoning into a radio programme that made a lot of allegations against him.

Callers to the programme castigated the Chairman’s approach to the issue. These led to a sharp division in the party with some executives with the regional chairman and other against his approach.

This division haunted the party during the just ended 2020 election and the aftermath. During the elections, supporters and executives who did not find favour with the Regional Chairman and the Parliamentary Candidate accused the two of side-lining them.

They even accused the two of concentrating party resources at the Zoliba and Sakoti zones to the disadvantage of the Nangodi zone where Mr. Zuri comes from. These suspicions and accusations deepened the cracks.

After the poor performance of the party in the constituency that saw the party win marginally only in 14 polling stations from a total of 50 polling stations, a Fact Finding Committee has been formed at the regional level to investigate the cause.

This exercise again gave credence to the fact that there are cracks in the party in the Constituency. For example, at the Zoliba zone, one electoral area coordinator by name Micheal Tambeog was nearly beaten by another electoral area co-ordinator by name Maxwell Divom and other boys loyal to Lawyer Anthony for suggesting to the committee that, the party lost in the constituency due to the actions or inactions of the Regional Chairman. This made the committee to end their work inconclusively at Zanlerigu.

Another Fact Finding Committee from Accra to Nabdam witnessed another bizzare beating of the Deputy Youth Organizer of the constituency by the Treasurer when the former attempted to beat the latter, for reasons we cannot independently verify as the cause.

Which of the divides one may stand and for what reason one may give as the cause of these suspicions and accusations, one thing is clear, Nabdam NPP is bleeding and needs reconciliation and healing of wounds to progress. We don’t know where this reconciliation process will start but Nabdam really needs it if the party hopes to flip over the seat from the NDC in 2024.


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Ngamegbulam C. S

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