NPP Nomination Filing: Mathew Silas Amoah shuts down Bolga East with crowd- says, he came in to develop and grow his constituency

Mathew Silas Amoah

Mathew Silas Amoah, a well known business tycoon in the Bolgatanga East constituency of the Upper East Region has successfully filed his nomination with an unimaginable crowd at the party constituency office to officially contest the upcoming New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary primaries. Apexnewsgh.com report

The crowd made up of youth and the aged from across the constituency were captured in their numbers putting on T-shirts designed with the image of Mathew Silas Amoah drumming, dancing, and jubilating as they continued showering praises on Mr. Amoah for his contributions so far to the constituency even without already been elected as Member of Parliament.

Engaging the media after his form filing, Mr. Amoah the business tycoon told the media he is basically in to see how best he can help his community develop and grow.

According to him, is for nothing the people came out in their numbers: “When you look at the call from my mothers, from the youth, you could see over 2000 to 3000 people accompanied me to file my form, it has never happened before in this constituency. It is definitely a call and a wakeup call”.

Asking about his strategy, Mr. Amoah said politicians are very smart, when you begin to lay out your plans, they will tap into it. Stressing that, it is his prayer that the delegates of our New Patriotic Party (NPP) give to the lord.

“Well, i have spoken to my delegates, I have gone around and the response from our delegates is very positive and am hoping that it stays this way and I know definitely am going to win. Because if you look at this crowd, we have 90 percent of the delegates following me to submit my file, and is a great signal”. Mr. Amoah told the Apexnewsgh.com


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