Other candidates contesting NPP primaries in Navrongo needs interpreter but I speak both languages– Joseph Adongo


The  Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Kesena Nankana East Mr. Joseph Adongo has he more closer to the people of Navrongo than any other candidate contesting to represent NPP in the area. Apexnewsgh.com report

According to Mr. Adongo, apart from him, no other candidate is residing in the Constituency and that made it difficult for them to know what bothers the people directly.

“I am somebody who has been with you from polling station to the general election and I have been with you and has worked with you. So, this is a surest bet. So, why not come out support me as your candidate and make sure i won the seat. I have never in anyway aligned myself with any faction existing in Navrongo or whatever”.

“In my team, I have members from both side campaigning with me. Is with unity that we can win the Navrongo seat”. He said

Asking whether the delegates are buying into his message, Mr. Adongo said: “Funny enough all those showing interest to contest me, no one is staying in Navrongo, am the only person staying in Navrongo and that why some of people say they don’t even know them. The other thing they tell me is, you speak both languages. So, that means we don’t need an interpreter to tell us what you are telling us. For now all those who have shown interest, none of them can speak the both”. He revealed

Source: Apexnewsgh.com

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