Please, start a business for my fan–Angela Nwosu begs husband

Angela Nwosu

Angela Nwosu, a successful content creator, has appealed to her husband Austin Nnaemeka Soundmind, to start a business for one of her Facebook fans.

Angela who was seen very anxious pleading with her husband said, the fan needed 300,000 naira to start something for her life.

However, as usual of Nnaemeka the husband who has never rejected any request from his wife Angela, he agreed. But even though the husband accepted her request, he was also considering the risk of giving money to the wrong person who might end up wasting the funds without achieving a good result.

However, clearing the fears, Angela told her husband that the business request came with a proposal, stressing she was confident the business support would not go in vain.
Finally, the husband agreed.

This is one humanitarian journey the world-class content creator is embarking on to put smiles on other people’s faces in both Nigerian and other parts of the world.

Just three days ago, Madam Nwosu started businesses for 3 other individuals and all these kind of gestures was to make sure people enjoy a comfortable life with their families.

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