UER: Better to arrive late than arriving early at the mortuary- DVLA Manager to the general public


The Upper East Regional Manager of the Driver Vehicle and Licensing Authority, DVLA, Mutawakil Abdulai has advised the general public traveling for the Christmas and New Year festivities that arriving at the destination late is better off than arriving early to meet your untimely death.

During December, there are statistically more vehicles on the roads than at other times in the year leading to the potential for more automobile accidents. Speaking in an exclusive interview he observed that advance preparation made ahead of the journey can avert the dangers of rushing to reach destinations during this festive season.

The increase in auto accidents during the holiday season can also be attributed to the fact that drivers compromise on vehicle maintenance. While urging road users to avoid negative tendencies that predispose them to a road accident, the Regional Manager reminded vehicle owners and drivers of the need to maintain good maintenance culture and ensure the right pressure of their car tires and effective brake system.

According to Statistics from the Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Authority, DVLA, about 130 accident cases were reported to the outfit with 117 of the cases attended to in the upper East Region from January to October this year. About 53 fatalities were recorded mostly involving motorbikes accidents under the same period. The Regional Manager had revealed that most of these vehicular accidents were as a result of drunk driving, over speeding, collision with strayed animals crossing the road as well as the road environment.

He attributed some portions of the blame on the failure of the Highways and the Urban Roads to maintain a good road environment arguing that the bad state of the roads contributes significantly to road crashes and related deaths, During this yuletide, the Regional Manager cautioned road users to mindful of the poor visibility during the season of Harmattan and to keep their headlamp on even during the day to forestall collision with oncoming vehicles. Prosper Adankai

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