UER: COVID-19 collapses Museum operations-UER Museum Director


The Director of the Upper East Region Museum, Prisca Naamboma Yenzi says in the wake of COVID-19, the patronage of the Museum has further collapsed.

According to her, though the patronage of the museum was not up to their expectations, the presence of the virus has further brought a negative toll on them thereby making it difficult for some of their casual workers to copy at their homes.

Speaking to Apexnewsgh.com, Mrs. Yenzi said the virus by then led a call to their National Board to closed all museums in the country which further disfigured their staff but as it stands things have back to normal.

“Yes, COVID-19 has really caused some of our workers and their families to be sleeping in empty stomachs. The patronage of the museum was not much and the virus came to further brought ‘petrol to the fire’ which makes some of us especially the casual workers to suffer the more. It was through people visit that we used to get something small for their upkeep but now it is sad to say.”

She added that despite the negative impact of COVID-19, her outfit is putting up plans to see how it can keep the memory of COVID-19 for the unborn generation.

“2020 will forever remain a history to a generation yet unborn. So we as history collectors we will make sure we get the adequate knowledge of Coronavirus and store it in our history files. Yes, we are not over it yet, but we will do our best to keep to time, history and happenings in the region.”

She, however, called on the public especially school heads that the museum has been given the green light to reopen hence they can bring their students.

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