UER: Defunct Bolgatanga Sports stadium now marijuana base for local champions


The Defunct Bolgatanga Sports Stadium which has been neglected for years has now turned out to be a hideout for marijuana smokers and a place of convenience for commuters.

The facility which many says was established in the era of the then military head of state of Ghana, Ignatius Kutu Acheampong, has suffered various forms of neglect from past and present governments to the extent that its walls now begins to fall apart.

The situation which can neither be traced nor explained by stakeholders, only compel residents especially sporting lovers to conclude that there was no hope for sporting activities in the region.

Some of them who spoke to say the deteriorated nature of the facility can only be explained in two words that were “sports is dead” in Upper East Region.

A resident by name Azure Francis says “Any time I’m passing through here and seeing the walls of the stadium falling apart anger usually engulf me. I usually ask myself, whether authorities that matters mean well for the region sporting activities?”

“Is it that there are no leaders who can at least do something small to uplift the state of this stadium? Is it that we here don’t matter when it comes to sports in the region? I can not tell and it is sad, to say the least”, says Anabire John.

“If you come here every day earlier in the morning, you will see hundreds of people tripping in as if they are going to watch football but they are going there to either smoke wee or ease themselves. Sadly, a well called for a facility like this laying wasted can only mean one thing that is wickedness”, says Boniface Seidu.

Ayine Daniel, says, “We have good sporting brothers and sisters here in the region but we don’t have good sporting fields for training. Bolga here there is no sporting center that we can boost of. So I usually ask myself what crime have we made to these politicians that they cannot pardon us small to work on this facility.”

The facility though has not meant its purpose of establishment since the era of Acheampong, ‘die out’ fans of football usually spotted using it like that for their body exercises while anticipation for a day that greenlights can be shown to it.

Ngamegbulam C. S

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