Video: We must stop being tribalistic, that is what is killing Upper East– Monsignor Rev. Fr Aboteyuure


Monsignor Rev. Father Roger Aboteyuure, a Catholic Priest and Philanthropist has said, Upper East Region is underdeveloped because of the tribalistic ideas that has taken control over people of the region.

The well-respected Rev. Father Aboteyuure who appeared so emotional when responding to Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen of Apexnewsgh.com’s, questioned why Upper East Region did not get the Airport which he said has always subjected people of the region another 2 hours risk of their lives through the road from Tamale to Bolga.

“We must stop being tribalistic, that is what is killing Upper East, am from here, am from there, no development here, no development there, am this and that. This morning my secretary just came from Accra and he landed in Tamale and then, it took him 2 hours to come from Tamale to Bolga. When he could have flown from Accra to Tamale and flown to Bolga. Why did we not get the Airport? Konkonsa Language. Dagaati people got the airport, what is wrong? Airport in Bolga or Navrongo, what is the problem? That was a typical example of tribalism. So many things that could have been done in the Upper East and even the Passport office, what do you mean i have to go to Tamale for my passport? Dagaatis have a passport center and Bolga is none. We must stop these tribalistic ideas and look at reality. Bolga is not just Bolga as such, Bolga is central and those development that can be in the central has to be done in Bolga. For those saying they are interested in Navrongo, they are interested in Sandema, they are interested in Tongo, they are interested in Bawku, they should know that Bolga can never be without Bawku, Bawku is very important, and Bolga cannot be without Navrongo”.

“Why can’t we stay together and work together? This airport thing makes me very angry” He lamented

He further advised the people the region to be more objective, especially on development that will benefit the region and one that will benefit their individual interest.

“There are places we have to think about objectivity, especially where it brings help to Upper East Region, whether it is a hospital, school, or whatever. We must stop those tribalistic feelings that it must be in our own land or no. We should never allow some people to destroy Upper East because it doesn’t fit into their style”. He stated

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