VIDEO: Your time is due, I am coming for you– Elvis Atia Awonekai- Figo sends strong message to Isacc Adongo


The Regional Secretary of the governing New Patriotic Party in the Upper East Region Elvis Atia Awonekai- Figo has issued a strong message to the Member of Parliament for Bolgatanga Central Mr. Isaac Adongo ahead of the 2024 parliamentary election in the constituency. Apexnewsgh report  

Mr. Awonekai who is making his first appearance in the history of the Bolgatanga Parliamentary race sends a strong message to Mr. Adongo during the filing of his nomination form at the Constituency party of office ahead of the upcoming party internal election.

“Media people, tell honorable Isaac Adongo his time is due am coming for him. 2024 is about NDC records against NPP records and when we get to that one, we will meet them. We will analyze based on Bolga, the road infrastructure what we did and NDC couldn’t do it. In every sector in Bolga Central, in every sector in Upper East what NPP did the NDC couldn’t have done that half”.

“Is also about the record, we will be analyzing the record of Isaac Adongo against my own record. When he came as a new entrant, the best he did for the party was to tie the party office, and when he did that the NDC was excited and they voted for him and he is being there for 8 years”. He stressed

Comparing what Mr. Adongo did to get the vote of the NDC when he appeared as a new entrant, Mr. Awonekai insists it cannot be compared to he has used his position as Regional Secretary to do for his people, especially by way of touching the lives of people directly.

“I am also a new entrant. When I did my first round, the delegates told me they are going to vote for me because through my lobbying skills communities have received water, they will vote for me because I have used this government to bring a lot of scholarship opportunities to people and what have you. Sometimes, what we do behind closed doors to bring opportunities, when you sit then you said Eeei Figo is a gem. When I get to your office, I don’t talk much, I tell you this is what I want for Upper East and when you don’t give me, I will leave your office because you will definitely come back for us”.

“Tell Isaac Adongo 2024 is going to be about records and am coming for him”

Mr. Awonekai is currently knocking horns with two other contenders ahead of the internal Parliamentary elections with the formal presiding Member Bolgatanga Municipal and Current Constituency First Vice Chairman Hon. Abileo Nyaaba Rawfeild and Hon. Agana Bawa a former Assemblyman.

However, the crowd who accompanied him through the filing process was so massive.

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