What is it that we have benefited from NDC in Talensi? NPP Talensi Parliamentary candidate seeks for answers


Parliamentary Candidate for the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) Thomas Daunab Wuni has questioned the achievements of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Talensi Constituency since their 19 years in power, especially with the mandate given to them by the people of Talensi constituency. He said the only community center the Constituency is proud of, which was later converted to offices was built under the first NPP government in the early 70s.

“What is it that we have benefited, what do we have to show? Go round you will find people building state of the art for their communities; can we point at one in Bolga here? Let alone to come to the Talensi to point at one?”. He questioned

“We have a community center that was built in the 70s by the first NPP government; I am not talking about Kufuor’s government. That is the only community center you can look around that we have converted into offices. We have never thought of a community center in our place”. He stressed

Talking about road infrastructure, the Parliamentary Candidate described the road infrastructure in Talensi Constituency as very poor road in a solid-state, as he admonished the NDC in Talensi not to talk about road infrastructure, because for all their years in power they did nothing to bring the Talensi road in good shape.

“Our road infrastructure is very poor in a solid-state and I hear the NDC followers making the loudest noise about road infrastructure now, calling on the DCE to go and fix the road and the young man has just been in office for just 3 and half years.

You had 8 years of NDC government and they did not see anything wrong with the road, and this is the time they are seeing it, you see the propaganda? And they are shouting on top of their voices that the road is not good.

Why didn’t the NDC do the road within their 8 years plus the 11 years of Jerry John Rawlings”. He questioned

However, he believes the NDC cannot compare themselves to the New Patriotic Party, because the NPP  is a policy-oriented party.

“You cannot compare NDC to NPP, they called themselves social democrats and they say we are property owing democracy but we have a lot more pro-poor policies than them, so what are they talking about?” He questioned

In Education, Mr. Duanab said, education in Talensi since the Akufo Addo administration has seen some progress both in infrastructure and logistics and human resource wise. However, he also believes the Talensi Member of Parliament Mr. Benson Tongo Baba has not done anything better in terms of assisting Talensi Children with some learning competitions as a way of preparing them ahead of the BECE exams.

“In 2015, I identify something, because I followed the performance of statistics of BECE related to my district; I studied 3 years of it and noticed there was a serious problem. So I went around and asked some teachers to tell me why we are having poor performance and they were genuine concerns. The beginning was not too good and they offload them to JHS and turned them out. They sighted textbooks as one of their problems and we have about 48 JHS in the Talensi District and I bought a set of a textbook to every JHS in the District and I threw a challenge that, if by the end of the BECE exam I got any student getting one in mathematics, I was going to be personally responsible for paying and taking care of that student till he or she finishes whatever programme they want to do and till now, no one has claimed that award from me”.

“So I would have thought that the seating MP, instead of concentrating on providing mathematical set on examination day, he would have taken it up to deal with the base. I even doubt if some of the students know how to answer the question before they enter”.

Mr. Duanab said giving BECE candidates a mathematical set without teaching them how to use it, is a bad idea.

“Is a bad idea, because the children have not been trained to use a mathematical set.

If I had my way, I will go and get all the Talensi marking scheme and their mathematics papers to see how many of them gets construction in the examination hall, with that we should be able to tell if the maths set is of use to them.

And thought the MP would have arranged a stakeholder dialogue to share ideas and to see the way forward and that is lacking seriously”.

You are an MP, “YES’ you are to sit in parliament and make laws and in making laws, you should be thinking about your constituents, those you represent to solve their primary problems. In this part of the world, a Member of Parliament is not supposed to go and sit in parliament and everyday you say yeaaaaaaah yeah, that is not what is required of a parliamentarian. What is the addition you are adding for being in parliament to the people? That’s what is important.



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