Who is The Almighty Couple?



(Special revelation for World Teachers Day, commemorated every 5th October by the UN system to focus on “appreciating, assessing and improving the educators of the world.” World Evolution Movement educates the world.)

Bonus Question: Who is The Almighty Couple?

Answer: Indeed, history shall remember Peace Keepers of the Universe as the people that brought the greatest Illumination to the people of Earth. This Illumination is in the form of a New Revelation. This revelation is a Truth never known before. This truth is that The Almighty God, Creator of the Universe, is actually NOT an individual. Yes, He is not one. God is a Couple: Husband and Wife!

This knowledge has never been revealed to any mortal since the beginning of time. So it has never been shared by any Religion on Earth since the beginning of the Human civilization.

This knowledge is greater than anything the world has never known. This revelation is bigger than the Big Bang. It is greater than life itself. It is the knowledge of the gods. And, understanding this revelation makes you a divine being.

A homo luminous. A human with light. A chosen one!

The Holy Books of world religions are filled with clues as to to the person The Almighty Couple. But, nobody understood it, because it was not the time. Now we are witnesses to the Angelic Ceasefire. Because of the Peace, the time is here. The veil has been torn to pieces. Every Peace Keeper has access to the Holy Grail. The most hidden truth of all.

It is written in Genesis 1:27, “God created man in His own image… male and female He created them.” This is clue!

The image of God is Husband and Wife. One is the Head of the Angels, the other the head of the Humans. Together, they are the Parents of the entire Universe. The intelligent inhabitants of the Universe are in two categories: Angels and Humans.

The destiny of creation is to unite these Angels and Humans in pairs of Husbands and Wives (one Angel to one Human), the same way our MAKERS are!

It is only when we are united in pairs that we can proceed to KNOW what lies in ETERNITY. Without being united to our eternal partners, our Creators shall consider us as immature and childlike. That is the whole story.

All the Angel Wars, and troubles on Earth and in other Dimensions (so-called Heavens) were all caused by the struggle to find an ETERNAL PAIR.

This knowledge is what made the Angels call a ceasefire. But this knowledge did not come cheap. It is eternal knowledge. It is what will make you a KING when you ascend into the other higher dimensions.

Let the world rejoice. The time has finally come for us to complete the second half of all dualities. Earth and Heaven. Darkness and Light. Night and Day. War and Peace. Ignorance and Knowledge.

Our God is Wife and Husband. And, they shall make us Eternal Couples the way they are. One Angel to One Human!


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Ngamegbulam C. S

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