Why is everyone trying to kill the Jews?




Question 3: Why is everyone trying to kill the Jews?

Answer: In 2008 a report by the US Department of State found that anti-semitism still persists in the world. This is inspite of modernization and the lessons learnt from history, especially the outrage over the killing of about 6million Jews during World War 2.

The answer to why many people still want the Jews dead can only be found in the truth that the present world us faced with a War of the Angels and Humans in the Dimension 6 and 7.

Dimension 6 is where the Humans that were created 66million years ago live. Dimension 7 is where our own contemporaries live – that is, Humans created on this present Earth in the past 6000 years. Presently, Dimension 7 is occupied by people we know as Dead Humans. They left this material Earth and went to our permanent home in Dimension 7.

Now, the conflict between the two Dimensions is because of Religion. Dimension 6 Humans helped the Angels to design our world religions. They planned to use these Religions to set up a one world Religion under who we know as Anti-Christ. The Anti-Christ is known with the code 666 because he is to come from Dimension 6, and he is a man, not an Angel. The people from this Dimension are the ones known as the ILLUMINATI. They want to totally control this present Earth.

However, Humans in Dimension 7 are not happy with this development. All the people in Dimension 7, our home, HATE what Religion has turned our world into. And they are aware that the root of the chaos is Israel. The Anti-Christ is to rule the world from Jerusalem.

Every dead Human knows the threat from Dimension 6. Ironically, nobody understands what’s going on while the person is alive. But immediately the Human crosses over to the other side, the whole picture becomes clear. But there is no coming back to Earth to explain to the living.

The much they can do is to instigate everyone against the CONTROL CENTER of the ILLUMINATI – Jews and Jerusalem. This is why some of the world leaders who contact the underworld always fights the Jews.

All through history, the Jews have spread across the Earth and enjoyed so much influence and prosperity, without knowing that the Messiah they expect is going to come from the ILLUMINATI world, and not from our world.

Interestingly, they too will be sacrificed by the same forces that is raising them high around the world. This means that the Jews are in for a Double Jeopardy.
The only hope for the Jews and the world is the ongoing reconciliation between the worlds, which the Peace Keepers of the Universe are engendering on Earth. We have already achieved a major milestone with the commitment from the Black Illuminati leader, Most High. He is the most powerful of them. At the moment, Most High is dismantling his key World War 3 booby traps on this material Earth. And he has agreed to work with Europe. The overall plan is to set up a new global political order on Earth, which will provide the platform for ratification of all agreements made in the Spirit Realm.

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