BBNAIJA: See Big Brother Naija fans reactions about Yousef dairy session

Yousef in Big Brother diary room

There have been some public reactions about the unnecessary quantity of time used by Yousef of Big Brother each time an opportunity is given to him to appear in the Big Brother diary room.

According to a survey conducted by a growing popular online platform based in Ghana West Africa, housemate Yousef who is known to be a high school teacher, model and trainer is noted to be the longest stayed housemate in Big Brother diary room.

Yousef in Big Brother diary room

Even though most of Yousef supporters in the ongoing Big Brother Naija game battle see Yousef as a very gentle and nice personality, but majority have expressed some level of discomfort with what they described as a boring dairy session each time he is called to appear in the diary room.

As for Yousef, a simple question from Big Brother will take him a long time to answer instead of giving a straight answer to the question as expected by his supporters. An example is, BIG BROTHER: Yousef, How are you feeling today? One would have expected that Yousef as a teacher will give a straight answer, but unfortunately, Yousef will give such a simple question a duration of 2 to 3 minutes.

In most times, due to his lengthy style of answering the Big Brother simple question, Big Brother himself had to interject him by way of asking him to summarize his answer.

This was an observation posted on a public Big Brother Naija 2021 (Season 6) Updates group:

Observation by Big Brother fans

And below is the reactions by supporters:

Supporters reactions about Yousef dairy session
Observation by Big Brother fans

However, fans of Big Brother Naija and supporters of Yousef want Ebuka Obi-Uchendu to draw Yousef attention to the negative reactions from his supporters on Sunday during the eviction session. Chidozie Stephen

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