Bernard Mornah Chairmanship slot defeat is a blessing for Ghana- Dr. John Osei Bobbie


A political Scientist Dr. John Osei Bobbie has described the defeat of Bernard Mornah as National Chairman of the People’s National Convention (PNC) as a blessing to Ghana democracy.

Speaking on the A1 radio Daybreak Upper East program on Thursday, October 1, 2020, monitored by Apexnewsgh.com the political Scientist was very emphatic with his response on PNC Congress results outcome with took place yesterday.

According, to Dr. Bobbie, the defeated PNC Bernard Mornah has no good intentions for the growth and sustainability of PNC.

“Unfortunately, Bernard Mornah was not building PNC, I think he was more or less working for the NDC and not building PNC as a party. He has that charisma and I thought, he would use the charisma to push PNC forward, and unfortunately, he was always doing the biding of NDC, as a third party, you should appreciate where you need to give appreciation and condemned where condemnation is deserved. But in a situation, you decide to follow only one line and even you will not come down to the region to help mobilize the party to move the party forward to enable Ghana politics to have a strong third force, then you are not doing all of us any good. He losing the PNC Chairmanship slot is a step in the right direction, is a blessing for Ghana, and a blessing for the PNC.”

Responding to the criticism of some elements of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) which suggest that the governing New Patriotic Party has hands in Bernard Mornah defeat, Dr. Bobbie said such criticisms cannot be entirely factual because the same people wouldn’t have come to say same if Bernard Mornah had won.


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