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Prof. Avea Nsoh
Profession Avea Nsoh, one of the leading party members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Bongo Constituency of the Upper East Region has said, it is true the NDC squeezed the Bongo NPP Parliamentary candidate for the 2020 general election hands at his back and took his victory away.
In a news item published on December 13, 2021 by Apexnewsgh.com with the headline ‘UER: NDC Squeezed my hands at my back and took the victory away from me’, a statement made the 2020 Bongo Parliamentary Candidate for the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) Peter Ayinbisa after the election.
After the statement by Mr. Ayinbisa who contested Edward Bawa in the 2020 general elections, Apexnewsgh.com also proceeded to Edward Bawa who emerged victorious after the votes count to verify Ayinbisa’s claims of winning the Bongo seat through the efforts of his party bigwigs in the constituency who came at the late hour to the election to assist him with campaigns.
But Mr. Bawa disregarded the claim by his contender when Apexnewsgh called on him.
Below are the words of Peter Ayinbisa the 2020 Bongo Parliamentary Candidate for the NPP when Apexnewsgh engaged him earlier.

“So, imagine how former Ministers, former chief director, former chairmen, former Parliamentary candidate, ranging from Professor Avea, Hon. Albert Abongo, Lawyer Bawah Dua, Simon Alangde, Alexis Adugdoo, Dr. Atinga, Dr. Rainer Akumperigya, Mr, Aluzeeri and Thomas, Accountant, Ghana Maritime Authority coming home extending resources in every community. Wherever I went and gave Ghc 500.00, Profession Thomas Akabzaa went and gave Ghc1000, Ghc1200 and Ghc1500 not that they came home only with the resources, they came and started intimidating the young men and women, they started insulting and inviting them to their houses telling them they are not fighting for Edward Bawa, they are fighting for the party. So, all of them should team up and work for their party. So definitely, some of them admitted that if I get the seat, it will take the NDC so many years to come back because they know am a developmental oriented person, they know my human relation, so, it will be difficult for them to come back.” He stated

According to Prof Avea Nsoh, one of the names mentioned by the NPP defeated Ayinbisa in his claims as those who came to squeeze his hands at the back and took his victory away has confirmed to Apexnewsgh.com that Mr. Ayinbisa was right.

The former Upper East and West Regional Minister told Apexnewsgh.com that, the earlier plan was to sit back and watch Edward Bawa do his own thing especially when he (Edward) did not see some of them in the party as important. 

He said, if not for the sake of some of their senior party members who called and asked them to forgive and look at the party welfare, Peter Ayinbisa would have won the Bongo seat in a very simple manner for the New Patriotic Party (NPP)

However, he told Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen of Apexnewsgh that, he does not regret his support for Edward Bawa in the 2020 election, because during their meetings then, he acknowledged his previous mistakes and said he was misguided and ignorant.

Profession Avea Nsoh spoke exclusively with Apexnewsgh.com on Friday, January 29, 2021.

“I think Ayinbisa was right, in the last 4 years when Bawa came in, he has not conducted himself in terms of managing human beings here as within the party. So, for some of us and I used to tell him at various forums. So, this time people just said ok, no one has said anything, let’s just stay in our corner and make sure he loses this time. So, he would have lost big time and that one there is no question about it, he would have lost. If you look at the last 4 years how the PPP candidate got almost about 30,000 votes, this year he didn’t get anything. The reason was that no one likes Bawa at the time and there was open opposition known as Lai Lai faction. So, people like us just withdraw, we didn’t attend any of the campaigns and stuff like that. They wanted someone to give it to and they did that because the NPP person wasn’t very well known, he wasn’t proactive and he has not been moved around and most importantly, he didn’t have the resources because he wasn’t in power so it was difficult. So, they saw this young man who was very smart and I think they could give their vote to the PPP man. So, if for instance that time Ayinbisa was the candidate because he had the resource, he got a lot of us, we have been friends for some time, but not friends to eat and drink every day, but we have been friends. So, people felt now the PPP candidate is not strong enough and he doesn’t have a base, and NPP have a number of votes already, so they felt they would have just voted Bawa out, so that was the idea. So that he can learn a lesson and others can learn”.

 “Bawa is a nice person but, is just that he starts from a wrong path and he will not take his time and listen, look at the system and the background that is how the problem was. So, that is why people wanted to teach him a lesson and also, we wanted to just sit and watch. But some of our Senior colleagues said no, we shouldn’t do that, that politics isn’t all about that and they initiated some kind of meeting and then we decided then that we have to come and support him to win the seat and I don’t regret, because first of all, I was happy that he (BAWA) came openly in the meeting to say he admits his previous mistakes, by saying he was misguided, he was ignorant and I told him it was this same thing we were telling him and he was not listening and you made these small small boys to be insulting people, undermining people, embarrass and insult someone like me. He said all sorts of things about me and they were not true. So, is a fact that, if we hadn’t come to support him, Ayinbisi would have won”. Prof. Avea told Apexnewsgh.com

However, Edward won the Bongo Parliamentary constituency seat by gaining 26, 276 votes, as his close contender Peter Ayinbisa of the New Patriotic Party gained 17,276 votes.

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