Breaking News: Ghana Drunkard Association threatens government with 2weeks demo ultimatum to the flagstaff house

National President of the Drunkard Association of Ghana Moses Onyah popularly known in the drinking fraternity as ‘Dry Bone’ says are giving Akufo-Addo’s 2weeks ultimatum to do something about the 100 percent increase in beverages supply across the country. report

The National President of the Association made this known when speaking to Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen of on Friday, November 4, 2022.

According to Mr. Dry Bone, the continuous increase on beverages is not one to smile about because it only shows a bad signal that thousands of innocent Ghanaians cannot afford to drink and that alone is also going to create a lot of unemployment in the country.

“We have realized that they have increased the prices of beverages in the market by 100% because initially, a tot of Akpateshi use to cost Ghc 1.00 now one tot of Akpateshi is now Ghc 3.00, and consumers are worried. Imagine if we keep on increasing the prices of the beverages like this and people stop drinking, unemployment will increase in the country because they are drinking responsibly to create employment”.
“If a factory is employing over 400 workers and these factories are closed down due to the increase, you will see that the unemployment rate will increase in the country”.

“So, we are pleading with the government to do something about or to take expeditious measures to see that the prices come down either than that, a lot of people are losing their jobs”.

Asking the leader of the drunkard association the data of its members, he said, their association memberships are 10.6 million active consumers across the country.

He further added, “If a drinking spot employs about 5 workers and more than 1000 drinking spots closed down imagine the unemployment rate is going to increase in the country”.

Remember, “is the beverage industry that is supporting the economy because if a bottle should pay Ghc 0.10 pesewas and we have over 1 million bottles circulating in the country.

Look at the amount of money is given to the government”. He revealed
“We are giving the government a week’s ultimatum if they refused to do something about it, we will match to the flagstaff house by taking them unaware “


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