Dancegod Lloyd: I’m a proud Ashaiman boy, not everyone from the town is ‘a rascal’


Laud Anoo Konadu, professionally called Dancegod Lloyd, has revealed that he is an Ashaiman boy who, unlike before, is happy to be associated to the infamous town known for its slums and seen as a hub of crime.

He said he did not have the stereotypical Ashaiman boy look.

However, “I used to look down on myself when I was living in Ashaiman,” he confessed.

He added that he used to be shy of saying he was from the Greater Accra township when he made friends outside the place.

Host Nana Romeo asked why.

“My self-esteem was low,” he answered. “My confidence was very very low. It was timidity or something like that.”

Noting that his outlook has changed and “it’s not like that anymore,” he recalled having great conversations with people in the past only to lose their interest once he disclosed where he lived.

The co-founder of the star Dance With A Purpose (DWP) group said, because of those past days, he desired to correct the perception held by many and “bridge” people from Ashaiman and people from other localities.

He assured that: “There are a lot of people from Ashaiman who are not rascals.”

They, contrary to public perception, he argued, “are proper people, they are talented and they are nice.”

Currently, the dance star is publicly “a proud Ashaiman boy”.

“Yeah, I love my people,” he added.

Ngamegbulam C. S

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