GES: Consequences Of Offering Skirt And Blouse Courses – Read And Avoid Them

Many teachers who further their studies sometimes get their certificates they acquire undermined due to the wrong choice of courses they offer though they might be education-related courses. This has a lot of negative impacts on persons both in their field of work and their promotion as well.

Let’s consider the following frequently asked questions about SKIRT AND BLOUSE COURSES.

What is Skirt and Blouse programs choice of degrees?

This is when your programs vary in the degrees you have acquired.

For instance, an individual who pursued a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in basic education, majored in Mathematics and decides to do Masters of Education (M.Ed.) in educational administration and management, then your first degree is different from your second degree though they are educational programs.

What are some of the consequences of such skirt and blouse programs in terms of going high in your educational pursuits and job prospects?

Offering skirt blouse courses as already stated above has a lot of negative implications in the Ghana Education Service (GES). Some of these are discussed below;

Individuals who offer skirt and blouse programmes as explained above is likely to remain the basic school.

Also, issues of upgrading may result in nothing to write home about. This will just be a two (2) incremental jump which is a no objective achieved.

Let’s perceive that an individual is not yet employed and is seeking for a job or employment with his/her skirt and blouse certificates, it may be difficult for the person to be employed. Most institutions always want both first and second degrees in the same subject area.

This may be very hurtful because you spent not less than GH₵5,000 in to pursue that of the different second degree.

However, readers are to note that with respect to the employment prospects attached to the second degree one maybe denied because of the first degree being different.

Also, offering skirt and blouse courses limits your any of the certificates you hold and hence will make Jack of all trades but master of none.

Furthermore, this violates the policy of same degrees to the top for better experience and work.

Another demerit is that if you pursue such programs by sandwich or distance then a full box of stress awaits you as well.

What about those who have two degrees in different area, should they choose one and pursue their third degree?

If your first degree is different from your second degree, it is advisable to go higher with the second degree as in Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) or Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) or a third degree that will enable you use your first degree.

However, you can choose to the same program in second degree but to me I think it’s a waste of time and resources

to prevent any future inconveniences or to escape skirt and blouse programmes, check out the example below:

1. B.Ed. (mathematics education)


B.Ed. in basic education (Mathematics)

2. M.Ed. in mathematics education.

3. MPhil in mathematics education

4. Ph.D./ M.EdD in mathematics education

 With the sandwich, I learnt you will still remain at the basic school?

This is a fallacy. What you need to do is must follow up with the same first degree up.

With your preference being to teaching at the Senior High School, you need to find your way but, in some cases, if there is a vacancy at the SHS, your district director can post you directly to that school as far as your services are needed provided you do not hold a skirt and blouse certificates.


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