Ghana’s Education System Faces Crisis as Teachers Flee Country


The education system in Ghana is facing a looming crisis as a growing number of qualified teachers are leaving the country to seek opportunities abroad.

According to the national president of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), Isaac Owusu, the country is at risk of a critical shortage of educators if the government does not address the root causes of this teacher exodus.

In an interview on Asaase Radio’s Big Bulletin, Owusu highlighted the lack of incentives for teachers to remain in Ghana, citing poor remuneration and working conditions as key factors driving teachers abroad.

Over 10,000 Ghanaian teachers reportedly left for teaching positions in the United Kingdom last year, with reports indicating that over 200 teachers have already left their posts in the Bono Region in the first three months of 2024.

Owusu pointed out issues such as inadequate “deprived area allowance” for teachers working in remote regions as a major contributing factor to the exodus. He also emphasized the need for the government to acknowledge and address the concerns raised by teachers to prevent further departures.

If this trend continues unchecked, the education system in Ghana could face a critical shortage of qualified teachers, impacting the quality of education for students across the country. It is imperative for the government to take immediate action to address the factors driving teachers away and provide the necessary support to retain educators in Ghana.


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