Govt disagrees with British Airways to move Ghana services from Heathrow to Gatwick Airport

Mr. Kofi Adda

The Government of Ghana says they are not in agreement with the airline operator, British Airways, to change its London-Accra-London flight origination and termination point which has been the case.

The Ministry of Aviation in a statement said acknowledged receiving notification from the management of British Airways that the airline had concluded to operate its British Airways Ghana Services from Gatwick Airport instead of Heathrow Airport as as it has been.

Meanwhile, according to a statement by the Ministry, that simply means all London-Accra-London bound British Airways flights would originate and terminate at Gatwick Airport instead of  original Heathrow Airport.

According to the Ministry of Aviation, the notification received was to start taking effect in the next summer.

The British Airways team have promised to provide further and better particulars to support their reasons for the sudden U-turn but however, failed to accomplish their promises till date.

“The Ministry, in a letter to the BA Authorities, rejected the changes and categorically informed British Airways that ‘For the avoidance of doubt, we are unable to accept the change in the London-Accra-London flights originating from Gatwick Airport,”  According to the Ministry release.

However, Aviation Ministry said, the government of Ghana does not agree with the stance of BA, as they request the authorities of BA  to change their decision and respect the position of the Government to uphold the mutual interest of Britain and Ghana.

The Assured the General public and the right most be done.

Read full statement below: Chidozie Stephen

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