Helene Fischer: Secret behind her songs revealed!

Helene Fischer's songs are always going through the roof with the fans. However, she does not owe her success only to herself.


Helene Fischer: Kristina Bach made her a superstar with “Atemlos”

Schlager fans can sing along to the songs of her in rows: Helene Fischer (38) has been sitting unchallenged on the pop throne for years with her more than 17 million records sold. In November 2013, her song “Atemlos durch die Nacht” was released and quickly became a million-seller in Germany. With 1 million units sold, the track has already secured diamond status in Germany – unbelievable! However, anyone who thinks that the song comes solely from Helene Fischer is sorely mistaken. In fact, the pop singer had nothing to do with the composition. Instead, it was singer Kristina Bach (61) who put the hit on paper. Actually, she wrote the title for her own album, but when Fischer asked her for a song, the singer-songwriter changed her mind. A few years ago, Bach revealed to the “tz” how quickly “Atemlos” was finished:

The composition lasted two minutes. It took me a day to complete the line. And for the entire text, then a maximum of one week. Although that’s a lot for me, actually I can do a text in one day or even in three hours.

At the beginning, the singer didn’t expect the track to be so successful: “‘Atemlos’ seems to have hit the zeitgeist. The song has taken on a life of its own like a train that rolls inexorably, and that happens maybe once every ten years.”

Helene Fischer: With Tim Peters’ song, she just won gold status

In addition to “Atemlos”, Kristina Bach also wrote the song “Flieger” for Helene Fischer, which was also well received by her fans. On the current album of the pop star, however, another songwriter has immortalized himself. He is fellow pop singer Tim Peters (33). He wrote the song “Null auf 100” for Helene. It reached gold status just a few weeks ago. On Instagram, the producer and composer celebrated this success with a small video:

After this little clip there is immediately a demand from the fans: They want a duet of Helene and Tim! Whether this will happen at some point remains to be seen!

Sources used: Instagram

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