Just In: Assembly members to stage a massive demonstration against Earl International Group Ghana Gold Limited Tuesday


Talensi Constituency will be witnessing another massive demonstration against Earl International Group Ghana Gold Limited.
Speaking to the Talensi District Assembly’s Presiding Member, John Millim Nabwomya, He confirmed to on Monday that nothing is unchanged as far as the demonstration is concerned.

When asked, about the motive for their planned demonstration against the Mining Company, the Presiding Member in his said, “We had some discussion with the company earlier sometime last year about the road they have been using. Is all about the maintenance of the road in the district, especially the one from the district capital to the Eastern part where the company is located”.
According to Hon. Millim, the company is not cooperating with their request.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time these Assembly members are threatening demonstrations on the same subject against the company, somewhere on 28th April 2023, the Assembly members planned to demonstrate against the company but later failed.

However, when contacted Earl International Public Relations Officer Ebenezer Bognaab, he confirmed the demand made by members of the Talensi District Assembly. He described their demand for the road construction as a ‘genuine concern’ raised by the Assembly members.

“These are genuine concerns they are expressing”. Earl International PRO admits

He told Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen during an interview that, the company has seen the construction of the road as part of their cooperate responsibility to the Talensi people. Insisting that the company Earl International is considering such a demand.

“So, as a mining company as part of our cooperate responsibility for the fact that we also used the same road. When they wrote to us, we responded, they send a resolution and we responded to the resolution and they send a reminder. So, we have been engaging the district assembly over this issue, and is a genuine issue and management is currently considering it”.

Responding to the aggrieve assembly members who were of the view that the company isn’t cooperating with them on their demand, the PRO said: “It is not true that we are not cooperating, we had a meeting with the DCE in his office, we had a discussion with him on this issue and we are always ready for engagement. You know, it has to do with roads and road construction is not as easy as you know. So, as a company, we have to organize ourselves because we have also some other plans too. So, as I said earlier, we are considering it. Very soon we will start work on the road”. He reacted

Roads in Talensi are so deplorable to the extent, people easily questioned the contribution of a mining firm such as Shaanxi now Earl International since its operation in the Talensi district. The company has always been in the news for not performing its responsibility as a mining company that has migrated from small-scale mining and now operating as a large-scale mining company.

Most citizens from the Talensi District living in both at home and abroad have pointed hands on their leaders and more especially those in authority for their district’s underdeveloped predicaments.
The Assembly members want the mining company to consider constructing the road from Tongo Hospital junction straight to Sheaga, Gbani, and across Datoko.


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