JUST IN EXCLUSIVE: I Have No Doubt That, If We Are Vigilant, If We Police The Polling Station Well, If We Have Very Good Polling Agents, Victory Will Be Ours- Mark Woyongo

Former Member of Parliament for Navrongo Central and former Interior Minister of the Republic of Ghana Mark Woyongo is more confident that the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) will recapture the seat from the governing New Patriotic Party come December 7.
The former Interior Minister in an exclusive interview with Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen of Apexnewsgh.com said, there are a lot of factors ahead pointing to the victory of NDC in the Navrongo Central.

According to him, some of the projects which are ongoing under the NPP administration were commissioned by him in 2016 before they lost power. He sighted the Navrongo- Naaga road as one of the projects he commissioned and was handed over to a contractor in 2016. Even though Mr. Woyongo appreciates how that particular road was important to the people of the Southern sector, he emphasized that NPP only came and rewarded the contract to another contractor. However, he said because of his role and projects he brought to people in that enclave, he got a lot of votes from them.
Talking about the ongoing Tono treatment plant, Mr. Woyongo told Apexnewsgh.com that in 2016, he made a lot of capital out of it, because then, the NDC administration had already acquired funding for the Tono project which is currently ongoing. However, he said it is sad the NPP is claiming the credit for an already made project.
However, Mr. Woyongo said above all, he is confident that the people of Navrongo have seen the difference between NDC and NPP for the last 4 years because they have not seen virtually any developmental project in Navrongo compared to his days as their Member of Parliament.

“…without any hesitation, I would say the seat is their the taken, NDC will win that seat and I have my reasons. The people of Navrongo have seen the difference between the NDC and NPP. For the last 4 years, we have seen virtually no development project in Navrongo. NPP is touting the award of the contract from Navrongo to Naaga as one of their projects. This is a project I commissioned in 2016 and it was given to a contractor and shortly after that we lost the election, they stopped the contract and rewarded it after 2 years. I made a lot of noise about it during my 2016 campaign and the 2016 campaign was very interesting because that road was so important to people of the Southern sector that’s from Navrongo, Kologo to Naaga and beyond.”

“…so, I got a lot of votes from that area. Now these people have come and they have given it out on contract and / rewarded the contract and they are touting it.”
‘’…the Tono water system, the treatment plant that is ongoing at the moment, 2016 I made a lot of capital out of it because we had acquired the funding for that project. The funding was acquired, it was at the ministry of finance and on my runs during the 2016 campaign, I made so much noise about that and I said, we are going to have a treatment plant in Navrongo at Tono, it will bring water to Navrongo, it will bring water to Bolga, it takes water to Paga and partly Chuchuluga, we made all the noise about it. They have come and they are implementing it, fine…it is good. But the people know that it was initiated during my tenure.” He stressed

“…a lot of these projects were done in Navrongo, you can talk about the asphalting of the road, the Doba water treatment plant, a water system which is now made it possible for people in Navrongo to have water flowing through their tap 24/7 there are a lot of projects and the people are making the comparison.”

“Above all, the fall out of the NPP primaries will play to the advantage of the NDC. I am saying this because yesterday night, I was at two separate rallies in Navrongo, and to be honest with you, I was excited when at both rallies members of the NPP from the Kofi Adda’s camp came out to speak boldly, chastising their party and they vowed that they will never vote for the NPP anymore even if Kofi Adda as them to vote for NPP, they will never vote for NPP and it cut across the whole constituency, it is not just at this two places we had the rally since I came I have been going round and that is what is happening in Navrongo itself. So, I have no doubt that, if we are vigilant, if we police the polling station well, if we have very good polling agents, victory is ours.” He said

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