It has been established that some Municipal Chief Executives (MCE) and District Chief Executives (DCE) contributed to the abysmal performance witnessed within the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the December 7, elections.

The Chairman of the Fact-Finding Committee, Yaw Osafo-Maafo in an interview with joynews monitored by said some District Chief Executive (DCE) and some Municipal Chief Executive’s (MCEs) campaigned against some parliamentary candidates which had affected the NPP parliamentary fortune across various regions

“So far we realized that there are a lot of internal fishers, there are a lot of District Chief Executives, Municipal Chief Executives were undermining parliamentary candidate, and they were even campaigning against them.” He revealed

According to the Senior Minister, they have able to identify some of these government appointees but unfortunately was unable to disclose them and the specific numbers unless the investigation is completed.

“They would definitely have to be thrown out, definitely, any DCE or MCE who considered it right to work against a parliamentary candidate has no business to represent the party in the district.”

“You are dealing with the same party so if you are a District Chief Executive or Municipal Chief Executive and your campaign against your parliamentary candidate, you have no business to be a DCE or MCE for the party.” He said

He stressed, even though the constitution of the NPP does not point any sanction individuals who may work against the party, the same will not apply to the issues at hand. Chidozie Stephen

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