Lauren Boebert apologizes again over behavior at theater


Lauren Boebert, the far-right Colorado congresswoman, issued a second apology for her recent controversial theatre incident. Apexnewsgh.com reported

During a performance of Beetlejuice: The Musical, Boebert openly vaped in the audience, engaged in inappropriate behavior with her companion, and was involved in a graphic incident. The incident was captured on security camera footage.

During an interview with the conservative One America News Network, Boebert attributed her behavior to being “maybe overtly animated.” She suggested that her extroverted nature somehow merged with the theatrics of the show, which was described by the New York Times as a “jaw-dropping funhouse.”

“I was laughing, I was singing, having a fantastic time, was told to kinda settle it down a little bit, which I did, but then, my next slip up was taking a picture,” she told the network about her date a week earlier. “I was a little too eccentric … I’m on the edge of a lot of things.”

Her remarks added to a written apology offered on Friday in which she said she was “truly sorry for the unwanted attention my … evening in Denver [on Sunday, 10 September] has brought to the community” and that her actions she “simply fell short” of her values.

Meanwhile, additional information about Boebert’s companion to Beetlejuice – whom she has been dating for months – introduced even more complexity to an already perplexing picture of their night out.

Quinn Gallagher, a 46-year-old bar owner who supports the Democratic party, faced an incident at a theater in Aspen, Colorado. Gallagher’s bar is known for hosting LGBTQ+ and drag events, such as the women’s party for Aspen Gay Ski Week and the Winter Wonderland Burlesque & Drag Show. However, this clashed with the views of the US House member, who was also present at the theater.

During the performance of the family-friendly show, Beetlejuice, the House member, whose name is Boebert, was asked to cease vaping, refrain from taking pictures, and stop groping Gallagher in the audience. These actions were deemed inappropriate for the setting and caused both individuals to be ejected from the Buell theatre.

It’s worth noting that Boebert has been outspokenly critical of drag shows in the past, expressing her views via a social media platform, now known as X.

Criticism against Boebert has only intensified since her first apology, with some conservative commentators spending the weekend calling her out.

“Totally embarrassing bimbo,” conservative pundit Ann Coulter wrote on X. Jenna Ellis, a former attorney for ex-president Donald Trump, called the behavior “embarrassing and disrespectful”.

According to a Buell theatre security report obtained by 9News Denver, Boebert and Gallagher had been “vaping, singing, causing a disturbance”. Boebert reportedly asked “Do you know who I am?” when they were asked to leave.

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