More than 700 killed as Israel’s increased strikes across Gaza-Palestinians say


In the past day, Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip have rapidly expanded and tragically resulted in the deaths of over 700 individuals, according to health officials.

This has had a devastating impact on medical facilities in the area, with many forced to close due to bombing damage and a lack of power. The death toll from these airstrikes is unprecedented in the long-standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict and raises concerns about further loss of life in Gaza.

Israeli ground forces, supported by tanks and artillery, are expected to launch an offensive into the territory with the aim of crushing Hamas. As a result of Israel sealing off the territory after the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas militants on towns in southern Israel, the people of Gaza, numbering 2.3 million, have been experiencing intensifying bombardment and are facing shortages of food, water, and medicine.

Israel has reported conducting a total of 400 airstrikes on Tuesday, taking out key Hamas leaders, targeting militants in the midst of rocket launch preparations, and striking command centers and a Hamas tunnel shaft.

The previous day, Israel had conducted 320 airstrikes. Witnesses and health officials have noted that numerous residential buildings were impacted by the airstrikes, particularly in the southern Gaza region where Israel had previously advised civilians to seek refuge.

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