JUST IN: NABCO Beneficiaries Worry No More About The Disappearance Of …..


The Director in charge of Business Research and Skills Development at the Head office of the Nation Builders Corps Mubarak Bowan in an exclusive interview has told Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen of, that the Ghana Card and Certificate was not meant to be seen after uploaded.

Some of the beneficiaries who have successfully gone through their Career Pathway Registration but were unable to see their Ghana Card in view of their system, were worried because after they submitted their registration and was going through their system, they were not convinced.

But According to Mr. Bowan, beneficiaries must not worry themselves struggling to see the Ghana Card in a physical form in front of their system, because that wasn’t how the system was programmed. He said once the Ghana Card space is captured ‘UPLOADED’ in their system, it is captured already but won’t be seen as they expect.

“…because of the load, each photograph takes so much space. So, when you upload it and it is saved, when you opened again, you wouldn’t see the photograph the system takes it so that it frees up the space. So, both the Ghana Card and the Certificate once you upload them the system takes them, its only indicate that you have uploaded them. You don’t have to see it when you do that.” He explained

However, he said majority of these NABCO beneficiaries who still didn’t understand the process, failed to honor the orientation which was organized by the District offices of Nation Builders Corps before the start of the Registration. Chidozie Stephen

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