Niger: France accused of trying to “intervene militarily


Nigerien military has accused the France of trying to “intervene militarily” to restore him to his functions, this was captured in a statement read Monday on the national television.

The statement says “In its line of conduct, going in the direction of the search for ways and means to intervene militarily in Niger, the France, with the complicity of some Nigeriens, held a meeting at the headquarters of the National Guard of Niger, to obtain the necessary political and military authorizations”.

In another statement, the putschists accuse “the security services” of a “Western chancellery”, without specifying which, of having fired tear gas Sunday in Niamey on demonstrators supporting the junta, which saw six wounded and later rush to the hospital.

French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday threatened to respond “immediately and intractably” to any attack on France nationals and its interests in Niger, where thousands of pro-military coup protesters targeted its embassy in Niamey.

Niger is a strategic partner of the France which currently has some 1,500 soldiers in this key country in the fight against jihadists.

West African countries on Sunday set a one-week ultimatum to the military junta in Niger for a “full return to constitutional order”, saying they would not rule out the “use of force” if it did not.

The France welcomed “the decisions taken by the heads of state” of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) meeting in Abuja.

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