People With Mental Health Conditions Must Enjoy Equal Rights Including ‘SRHR’


The BasicNeeds-Ghana Project Coordinator Lillian Kuutiero has said, that people with health conditions must be allowed to enjoy their basic fundamental rights especially on issues regarding their Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR).

The Project Coordinator made the appeal during a two-day Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Advocacy training workshop organized for Mental Health Alliance members to broaden and deepen their understanding as Alliance Members and as well enable them to understand basic issues which affect people living with mental health conditions.

“Sexual and Reproductive Health Right (SRHR), is a fundamental right for everyone including people with mental health conditions and so when we neglect them, we stigmatized them and we even ignore them their Sexual and Reproductive Health needs, that simply means we don’t want them to exist human” She lament

“So, they do not attend antenatal care, skill delivery and maternal health care services. These are simply heightening the conditions and the deplorable state they found themselves.” She stressed

According to Madam Kuutiero, there is an urgent need for all stakeholders to be aware that the public needs to support people with mental conditions to visit the hospital and facilities to be attended to with their Sexual and Reproductive Health needs they have.

“When people get candidiasis, gonorrhea, sexual transmitted deceases, they know where to go for help, and is the same thing that applies to these people, they are taking advantage of them. Some of them are living and they don’t even know their HIV/ AIDS status, because we don’t think they are human beings.” She explained

“But our Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights encourages all of us to have access to these services and also the violation, they suffer especially the minors among them, people take undue advantage of them, the public should be aware that, this is not the right thing to do. It is criminal and it is dehumanizing. So, we all owe it a responsibility to facilitate and assist them to live a dignified life.

When it comes to health personnel’s, we will encourage them, they are doing well by reaching out to those in the most deplorable communities.”

“We are only encouraging them, that when they get to the communities they should ask, how about those other women who have not come out, is there anyone at home, for one reason or the other we need to reach out to the person? Ask the question and people will lead you to those people.” she admonished

However, stakeholders and Alliance members who participated in the 2-day SRHR advocacy workshop organized by BasicNeeds-Ghana, expressed their satisfaction to BasicNeeds for their role so far, especially in making sure people living with mental conditions enjoy a comfortable and safer life. Ghana/ Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen

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