Political Expert shared his views on Parliament ballot kicking and snatching drama Series…

A political Scientist Dr. John Osei Bobbie

A political Scientist Dr. John Osei Bobbie has condemned the ‘ballot kicking and snatching drama series’ performed by some of the country parliamentarians on January 6, 2021 midnight, as he expect leadership of the 8th parliament to take a critical look at the actions of individuals involved in such disgraceful acts and take critical decisions.

Some Ghanaians were taken by surprise to see the MP for Tema West, Carlos Kingsley Ahenkorah performing such critical drama role of snatching ballot papers from the hands of a Parliamentary official on Thursday morning.

However, it was a strategy to disrupt the election process for the new Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Ahenkora, with Usain Bolt speed style, snatched some of the ballot papers on the blindside of the Parliamentary officials as the ballot was counted.

However, his action has triggered a whole lot of controversy across the world since after his unbelievable performance.

Political expert Dr. John Osei Bobbie who spoke to Apexnewsgh.com on the issue did not hide his impression on the matter. He believes, it is prudent leadership of parliament takes a critical look at the actions of the individuals involved in such disgraceful acts and take critical decisions on them.

“Parliament has its own rules that governed the house, why do we have standing orders in parliament? The orders are needed to bring discipline, to bring law and order over there. So, if somebody had shot another person in parliament there, it means the person would have gone scout free. If for example, the incident has brought about troubles and there has been killing and shooting here and there, what would have happened to the nation Ghana? If their behavior has in sighted a military man to organize his friends to take up arms to take over the government, what would have happened? What would have been the result? Could we have blamed those people for bridging the constitution of Ghana? These are things we have to look at and take critical decisions on.”

“The idea of thing happened in chambers, is neither here nor there, it is Ghana if I commit the offense and am to be punished, if my parliamentarian does same then he must be punished. So, the standing orders must be brought into play. They took the whole nation at ransom and that wasn’t the best. So, to me is a total disgrace to the nation of Ghana and parliamentarians must come out to apologize to all of us because what they did was simply bad and brought shame to this nation Ghana. Now is all over the world, people are watching, people are laughing at us”. He told Apexnewsgh.com

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