Some of those who claimed to be darling boys and girls of President caused us a massive mess…

Agnes Asangalisa Chigabatia

One of the Upper East Region illustrious politician and former Upper East Deputy Regional Minister who equally served as the former member of the parliament for Builsa North Agnes Asangalisa Chigabatia has said, some of people who claimed to be darling boys and girls to the President contributed hugely to the mess and the embarrassment the New Patriotic Party (NPP) had witnessed since the party history, because they only pretend to work together physically but spiritually wicked in their hearts against one another.

Madam Chigabatia who was speaking in an exclusive interview with Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen of Apexnewsgh.com said, her earlier projections for the region was 5 seats, but that will materialize, only if the DCEs, PCs, and the Party Executives worked together as one people with one common goal but unfortunately, the party in the region ended up losing the already secured 3 seats to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) 

“Holistically, we worked together physically but deep in our heart we don’t work together and God listens to the heart, he doesn’t listen to lip services. Our problem is that, we pretend to things when we are not doing them and that one spiritually affects everything. People claim they are close to the President, they are sleeping with the President but they have never worked for the President”. She stressed

“Someone called me and said Agnes, how many seats are we getting now? Before God and man, I told the person that look, we have 3 seats, when we work well, we will get 5 seats but when we don’t work well, we might not get the three seats again. That person is calling me a prophetess and I said no, I am not a prophetess. There is no constituency in the region I don’t have boys there. I am plain oo, atimes my plain talks lead me to trouble and I don’t know how to pretend. So, when I say that you won’t win then, immediately you lose you say Chagabatia made me not to win. Am I a magician? I stood for elections 3 times and won only one and the others I lost, if am that magic, why didn’t I make it to win?”.

According to Madam Chigabatia, if not for the sake of President Akufo Addo and his wonderful Vice Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia, the party would have been in opposition now, because some of the party members are only good and interested in running like children playing football looking for who to destroy with their concocted and fabricated information. 

“They will just go and destroy you aaa and you don’t even know where the source of information is coming from. So, some of them are not helping the President. They are just running up and down like children playing football. If not for the good work of the President and his Vice and some of the appointees, we would have been in opposition now. Because the people disappointed him, only about 40 percent of the appointees worked and the rest wasn’t good”.

She however, explained how she tried releasing information to some PCs, DCEs, and executives which would have brought some change to most of the constituencies but unfortunately, her calls were not answered

“A lot of them I tried to call them personally to link up and tell them that this is what I am hearing. I will call they won’t pick, I will WhatsApp they won’t read. So why should I give myself hypertension? Or you think I have time to buy units put on my phone to call you, and you don’t know why am calling you and you won’t pick? Every information is vital or you think the unit I went and picked it from the trash? I used money to buy it. So, when you are looking up and you don’t look down, it is the down you will fall unto. Even now my boys are calling all over, saying madam you see, that is what we were telling you, yes is what you were telling but I don’t have the power, I was nothing, I only loved the party that is why I was campaigning. So, even if you report to me that this is what is happening and I call your PC, your chairman he doesn’t pick, should I go and beat him and they will say Agnes Chigabatia is beating someone? No”. She told Apexnewsgh.com

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