Talensi: I have the skills to bring more people into the party and deliver the seat for NPP in Talensi Constituency —Robert Alibo

Robert Alibo

Aspiring parliamentary candidate in the Talensi Constituency under the ticket of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) Robert Alibo Ayinaba has said, he has the skills of bringing in more people into the party to deliver the Talensi seat for the NPP. 

Addressing the media, Mr. Alibo maintained that because he respects the Talensi people, he will work with everybody, not on the basis of where they come from, who they are, or the political divide they long to, adding that, “Development is based on need and base on need we will work together to uplift the Talensi District”.

Mr. Alibo further appealed to supporters not to attack his contenders but engage in what he describes as constructive politics and constructive criticism because he believes is the only tool that can be used to tell how better he is than the contenders.

“I have a call to make first to all my supporters, this call is to ask you to module me in all you do if you support me, this call is to engage in constructive politics, constructive criticism. I have heard the calls of people indicating their insults, I will not endorse anyone insulting another but, let me indicate do not be a guard in constructive criticism because constructive criticism is the tool we used in telling who is better than the other, that is what allows leaders to change their ways. Otherwise, you elect somebody and he will go and do whatever he wants and that is how the social contract can be delivered without any abrogation. So as I call for decent campaigning I do so because two other contestants are my senior brothers William Zuuga and Thomas Duanab even though I have the benefit of age in this party than them… I don’t have any issues with them, there is only a contest we have to embark on and I do not
subscribed to unwarranted attacks but you have my 100 percent support if you are doing constructive criticism”.

Buttressing his points, Mr. Alibo said he doesn’t have a problem with his senior brothers because they are all party members. “we are in the business of growing the NPP and growing Talensi district. Fortunately, one of them is the current DCE and I believed that the party has served him well and the other, is the Deputy CEO for NDA and by that score, I think the party has also served him well”. He stressed

“I need to make a call that we need numbers in government and government circles. So, if you add Alibo as the MP, we would have been three people working together and pulling development to this district”.

Meanwhile, Robert Alibo Ayinenaba who successfully filed his nomination on Saturday, July 29, 2023, at the party office in Tongo, is making his 3rd attempt to become the NPP Talensi constituency candidate for 2024.


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