Tempane DCE unhappy with sluggish nature of NIA in his district

Tempane DCE Issaka Anabida

According to the Tempane District Chief Executive (DCE), inadequate staffing, inadequate registration materials and no availability of a district NIA officer are affecting the SIM Registration exercise in Tempane

He complained that another challenge the district is facing is as a result of not having a district registration officer.

“We only have one registration officer, the one who manages the system, and another part-time person who is there to assist them. So basically, they are just three working in the district for NIA”

“The way they are doing the work, I don’t know whether they don’t want the exercise to flow or what. Unlike when they started the exercise in a day, they could register as many as possible but now is not the case on the ground”. He laments

However, he advised the National Identification Authority to make sure they provide sufficient registration materials to fasten the process.

He said, some people have been registered for some time now and unfortunately they have not received their cards from NIA.

Source: Apexnewsgh.com/Ghana


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