Tempane NPP constituency denied petitioning President, as DCE reacts.

Paul Abugri Azumah Tempane DCE

The District Chief Executive for Tempane District of the Upper East Region Paul Abugri Azumah has responded to the December 15, 2020, purported petition against him coming from one Anthony Sandow as a convener.

According to the accused District Chief Executive Mr. Azumah who spoke to Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen of Apexnewsgh.com, all that the convener said in the purported petition was nothing than a fabrication of lies to dent his hard-earned reputation.

“There is no party Executive whose name is there. No Constituency Executive, no electoral area coordinator, no party elder, no patron, constituency polling executive NO. Currently, all of them have been denied except only two. So, from our investigations, that is what the Executives are trying to respond to. Somebody wrote and puts people’s name and then phone numbers. Because the party Executives and other people are hot on the petitioners because they have no knowledge of it and one of those who wrote it called and said they were going to write a petition but they never saw the content and it was some time ago, it was 3 days after the election that they called them, so they never knew it was because of the petition they were calling them.”

“So, we have asked them to come out and deny the Petition. Is two of them, one Anthony Sandow the convener, I am using him as an example because currently, everything that is coming out shows that he is the one going to the radio stations. This Particular gentleman said in the petition that, I am not accessible to people, that I don’t stay in my constituency, the unfortunate thing is that people just go and write something to make it look credible. You are saying I don’t stay in the constituency? Or moved into the constituency a month ago, that’s a lie.”

“I came to office in 2018 August 7, the day I was sworn in and started work by the end of August 27th or so and there was no any accommodation for me in the constituency. So, I stayed in my bungalow in Bawku Sec Tech where I teach, that was where I was teaching before I got appointed, because the BNI advised that where I was staying security was not all that good, so I should look for this thing, so where I was, was better for me. So, permission was taken by the Regional Minister everybody up to the local government and they told me I should be there, whiles they work for the accommodation.

But Garu has not given us accommodation. So, in May 2020 they finish the accommodation because it was handed over to them in January 2020. So, currently since may I have been in KUGRAGO that is where the building.”

 “So, is never true that am not accessible and that Anthony Sandow mother, is the KUGRAGO women group leader and she has been coming to me with the women, sometimes 120 of them 100 and they do meetings in my residence, during the campaign the mother used to be in my car and we go round. He Anthony Sandow, a certain point in time, our MP bought a bus for him through a company and the MP bought and paid half and he is supposed to do work and pay and he couldn’t pay and the company came for the bus and he came home and said MP has made him lose his job and was campaigning for the NDC Parliamentary candidate, I got the information and I called him to my residence and advised him to stop that thing. Just about 2 to 3 months ago, he went and the MP settled him with a motorbike and started now working for the MP. The question is those people you removed out of the party when he was peeved, was he able to bring all of them back?” 

Below is the Press release:


21ST DECEMBER, 2020.


Party Elders, Constituency Executives, Electoral Area Coordinators, Polling Station Executives, Friends of Kpemka, Youth for Kpemka, Osonoma Group, Party Supporters, The Media, Ladies and Gentlemen we express our gratitude to you for your swift response to our call on the subject matter above. On behalf of the Constituency Executives and the Electoral Area Coordinators of the Tempane Constituency, we want to state unequivocally without any fear of contradiction that we the Constituency Executive Hierarchy with all the Subsidiary Arms have no fore knowledge about the said petition as claimed by the petitioners. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Media, our thorough investigation after the release of the so-called petition revealed that such group superimposing themselves to be known as Youth Patriots do not actually exist.

And no form of consultation whatsoever has been carried out with the Party Executives before such press release. It is with much regret to mention that peoples’ whose names were listed to be part of the petition denied with disdain as being associated with such ‘ungodly act’ when they were called. The Constituency Executives wish to use this medium to call on all well-meaning individuals whose names have been wrongfully included to the list of petitioners to do the needful by officially disassociated themselves using the Party’s Grievance Redress Procedures at the Constituency Level. The Media present, Ladies and Gentlemen, as Constituency Executives we want to urge all party supporters and well-meaning Ghanaians to disregard the above publications and treat it with the greatest contempt it deserves.

The Member of Parliament, The District Chief Executive, The Deputy CEO of Youth Employment Agency, The Deputy CEO of Northern Development Authority, Party Executives and other Party Supporters in the Constituency were seen campaigning together peacefully and it is never true that the District Chief Executive is the cause of the Member of Parliament’s defeat in the Tempane Constituency. Indeed, the Constituency is in the process of setting the stage to conduct a post-election diagnostic survey to unravel at the issues that led to our failure to retain the seat in the just ended election. Suffice it to say that this faceless group of individuals unfortunately are acting at variance to the burning issues that confront the Party on its path to squarely deal with the issue at hand. We the Executives will not sit back and allow the hard-earned reputation of the Hon. District Chief Executive of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Constituency to be dragged in the mud. The Executives wish to respond to some of the false allegations raised by the petitioners; 

1.The claim that The District Chief Executive is not accessible to the constituents is completely out of context. This is not true because the DCE stays at his residence in Kugrago where he continuously engages constituents and also holds series of meetings at his residence to project the image of the Party in the Constituency. 

In fact, he is one of the DCEs who answer’s constituents phone calls and also returns missed calls of constituents and we are totally surprise to hear such claims.

  1. The DCE working relationship with the Chiefs in the Constituency has been very cordial and this has aided him to carry out his duties effectively. We have witnessed on numerous occasions that he paid working visits to the Chiefs and Queen Mothers in the Constituency. Most at times an invitation is always extended for them to take part in the Local Governance System of which we the Executives can attest. To this end we want to indicate without doubt that the petitioners are total strangers in Tempane since the fail to see the glaring truth and honest efforts carried out by the DCE.
  2. What is the petitioners’ evidence that the DCE did not contribute to the 2020 campaign? The Constituency Executives want to state with authority that the DCE did exceptionally well when it comes to the aspect of supporting the Party especially in the just ended election and the so-called petitioners are not fair at all to him and their ill motive should be keenly examined.
  3. It is not also true that the DCE involved himself in the District Assembly Elections. It was the Constituency Executives that had an engagement with all the contestants to see if they could collaborate to present one candidate for the NPP in all the Electoral Areas but an agreement was not reached. The DCE should not be blamed for issues that he is not aware of in the Constituency. They did not heed to the Party directives and went ahead to contest including the petitioner and eventually all of them lost to the NDC Candidates in the last District Assembly Elections.
  4. The DCE do not also control the disbursement of funds for the GetFund Scholarship since the application was done online and qualified candidates were only interviewed and selected at the Assembly level. In fact, the Hon DCE had little to no influence if someone’s name was not short listed for the interviews. This debunked the claim that he did nothing to support Party Members during the said process.
  5. The petitioners do not even know that the common fund is not meant for party people but rather the general development of the district thereby exposing their ignorance. 
  6. We wish to also state that the resources and logistics meant for the campaign was channeled through the Parliamentary Candidate and the Party in the Constituency, not the DCE as claimed by the petitioners.
  7. The accession that the DCE lost his Polling Station is surprising because we performed poorly in almost all the Ninety-Eight (98) Polling Stations which all concerned NPP members should have been more worried in finding out the real cause of our abysmal performance. In conclusion, all the petitioners’ claims are false, baseless, unfounded, and needless at this critical moment. We wish to call on the faceless individuals behind this unnecessary petition to come out boldly and provide clear evidence for their claims or forever remain silence. We thank the Media and all-Party supporters for their time. United we stand divided we fall. God bless Tempane constituency, God bless NPP and make it great and strong. Presented by Ibrahim Jambeidu (Constituency Organizer) on behalf of the constituency executives, 0249126753.



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