(Special revelation for World Peace Day, celebrated by the UN every September 21)
Bonus Question: What is Original Sin?
Answer: To understand that elusive concept globally known as the original sin, we must recognize that this idea is actually the foundation of all the violence and conflicts on Earth. It is the root of all evil!

Why do I say so? The reason is that everybody has a deep-seated fear of God’s judgment. We all see ourselves as sinners. Even the Holy Bible mentioned that “in sin were we conceived” and went ahead to affirm, “for all have sinned…”
This is why almost all the religions of the world teach about the destruction of the world – when the righteous God shall come down and obliterate the Earth and its inhabitants because of their sins.

However, The Almighty has revealed to Peace Keepers of the Universe the reason why “all have sinned”. Knowing this is knowing the most hidden truth of all! Knowing this…

Makes you a god!

The truth is that every Human was born righteous. But immediately we are brought into Earth, the Angels initiate us into their War. Right from the cradle. Every baby has Supremicity, the energy of God, which makes the child guiltless. But through the manipulation of Angels, every baby joins the war, even without knowing it. And once this happens, the Supremicity is withdrawn by God, and the child becomes guilty. The saddest part is that it’s not even the child’s fault to join the war, but God pulls out of the baby’s soul. And from that day the child becomes afraid. Becomes guilty. Becomes corrupt. Becomes terrified of God’s judgment!

How does this happen? Every child has a definite time in his or her life when that SIN is committed. The sin of joining the war. On that fateful day, the child would be manipulated into sabotaging a fellow Human who is from a different Angelic kingdom (opposition).

If the child is Yahweh, he sabotages, betrays or destroys an Anunnaki. If he is Anunnaki, he sabotages, betrays or destroys a Pleiadian. If he is a Pleiadian, he sabotages, betrays or destroys a Yahweh. Please note, the child DOES NOT not what he is doing. But God still withdraws His Supremicity!

It is not fair, but that’s the law. It was brought about because the Angels corporately lost their own Supremicity, and wanted to bring us into the War so that we should lose ours.

ILLUSTRATION: An Anunnaki child will be playing with a Pleiadian child, and they come near an open gutter. A voice will clearly whisper to the Anunnaki child in his head, “push him into the gutter. He hates you. If it’s him, he will push you!’
Immediately the Anunnaki child obeys the VOICE and pushes the Pleiadian child into the gutter, he has been initiated into the Angel War. He has become an Anunnaki (Human) soldier. And, at that moment, God The Almighty leaves the child!

He has eaten the forbidden fruit. He is guilty.
By an Africa based new religious movement, World Evolution Mission (Citizen Smith)


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Ngamegbulam C. S


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