UER: Development in Bongo have gone very far, Peter Ayinbisa did quite ….Prof Avea Nsoh

Prof. Avea Nsoh

The former Upper East Regional Minister and a well distinguish Bongo personality Profession Avea Nsoh has said, he is optimistic about the fast increase development in the Bongo Constituency as he believes Peter Ayinbisa performed well in the last 4 years because he had the resources.

Prof. Avea who was speaking in an exclusive interview with Apexnewsgh.com said, Bongo Constituency has gone far in terms of development. Even though he expressed worry about the kind of politics played, he believes sometimes they got it wrong by taking simple issues too far which atimes denied them the opportunity for more development in the constituency.

He eulogized the NPP and the development they brought on board within the last 4 years under the leadership of Peter Ayinbisa who is currently acting as the District Chief Executive (DCE) in the constituency ranging from roads construction, covets, schools added, a number of students in secondary schools and number of students who benefited from the scholarship scheme as a good development for the people of Bongo Constituency.

However, Prof. Avea believes a lot needs to be done as far as development in Bongo is concerned 

“I have always maintained that in development we have gone very far. We might be playing politics but sometimes we take it too far. What we forget, is that whether we ourselves or political parties that are doing something new, we don’t take counts of what happens. Take for instance what the NPP has done, some of the roads they have made, they made covets, they have been schools that have added, some students were supported to scholarship and all that, so people don’t take their time to counts in fact we are moving. Development has grown so fast. Look at our road system going to Tamale alone, I mean the long Journey, going to Navrongo and even Bongo, going to Bawku, let forget that is not very good. So, if you look at most communities now and a lot of roads that were tarred in Bolga itself. If you take Bongo, for instance, there is a lot that has been done but there is still a lot that can be done. What we should be looking at is, how many of our people now are in secondary schools? How many secondary schools now exist? How many small businesses are there? How many motors, about 5 years to 10 years do we have the number of motors and motor repairers? These are all things we have to look at if we are going to counts the developments. For me, I think Bongo has grown quite a lot and we can still move it much further by re-strategizing and leaving the criminal political activities, I think we can make a move. I think Bongo has done quite well, even in the last 4 years and I can tell you we change a lot”. He explained

Meanwhile, when he asked was to rate the development brought between the National Democratic Congress and the New Patriotic Party in the constituency, this was his explanation.

 “If am not a frank type, I will definitely say is NDC, but I can assure you, for that one I have to be frank about it, is not because am NDC, we have been there for a long time, look at how long Agambire was there and when he came the others didn’t do very much Apikiya and the other one is possible at that time they didn’t get the resources they needed. They did their best but not much. But, Ayinbisa did that because they had a lot of resources to sort of. So, He did quite a lot and as I have said, I haven’t taken counts of that and must admit that sometimes when we come, we are not able to get time to walk around even though we read around and talk to people and all that. But to be frank, because we have been around for a long time and this place is an NDC place, I mean, if you want to take count of the things NDC has done, we are likely to have more visibility. Even though Ayinbisa and his also did quite well”. Prof. Avea told Apexnewsgh.com

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