UER: It is possible persons recovered from COVID will have problem with erection–Dr. William Gudu

Dr. William Gudu

The Medical Superintendent at the Bongo District Hospital Dr. William Gudu has said even though upon all his reading about COVID, he has not come across where it was stated that a person recovered from COVID will have a problem with erection, it is possible once it can affect every organ.

According to research, most persons recovered from COVID-19 appeared to be having difficulty with erection.

Dr. Gudu made the pronouncement on a Bolgatanga based radio station DREAMS FM monitored by on Wednesday
“Throughout my reading, I didn’t see but, it is also possible that we are been difficult and men get infected more than women and because men usually don’t want to play with their potency, is possible they are using it to make us be complying. But, once it can affect every organ, impotence is possible”. He Explained

But asking whether the COVID-19 rates are high in the Upper East Region, Dr. Gudu said everybody is suspect as it stands now. He cited an example with the situation in the Bongo District of the Upper East Region, where the suspected cases recorded so far is 175 with 23 active positive cases. According to Dr. Gudu, the 175 cases recorded in Bongo is not even in the community.

“In Bongo 175 cases, not the community oo, 175 suspected cases and 23 were positive is a high percentage. So, consider it quite high because if you pick 175 and 23 are positive, then you can actually see that is quite high” He stressed. Chidozie Stephen

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