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The Ghana National Fire Service has encouraged the general public as a matter of urgency to observe fire safety protocols to reduce the incidence of domestic electrical fire outbreak during this festive season.

During festive seasons most electrical gadgets are overworked and the general advice on preventive measures include maintaining the facility in good condition to avoid overcharging, short circuits, avoiding the use of plugs and wires in poor conditions, and lowering the recommended gauge.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, the Deputy Upper East Regional Fire Commissioner and the Divisional Fire Officer Grade one in charge of Safety Juliet Iris Crabbe urged the general public to refrain from overloading sockets and to switch off and unplug all electrical appliances when not in use.

She further encouraged households with wiring done over twenty-five years to engage competent electricians to rewire their houses to reduce the incidence of electrical fire outbreaks. Statistics from the Ghana Fire Service has revealed that as of December 21, the country has recorded 5,966 fire outbreaks this year.

The significant rise can be attributed to the increase in domestic activities during the lockdown and the lack of urgency given to fire safety protocols. She discouraged occupants from passing wirings under the carpets in their rooms to reduce the risk of fire outbreak. While urging households using wood fuel to wet the fire to prevent them from smothering, the Deputy fire Commissioner encouraged people using a gas cylinder to turn off the knob as well as the cylinder head.

The Divisional Officer Grade one encouraged residents to cherish the relative peace in the region and to use the occasion of Christmas and the Yuletide to soberly reflect on peaceful coexistence. On his part, a Divisional Officer grade III in charge of Safety at the Upper Regional Office of the Ghana National Fire Service, Solomon Afour urged business owners to strictly observe safety precautions at the workplace as most of their gadgets will be overworked and customers who patronize their service might be negligent with use of electrical gadgets.

While urging house owners to create allowance in their house to enable fire personnel to gain access to the premise during fire outbreaks, he reminded Vehicle owners and Drivers to always keep fire extinguishers in the vehicles as the heat from the engines can potentially cause a fire accident. He explained that the heat emanating from the engines can potentially cause a fire accident at a location farther from the reach of the Fire Service.

Mr. Afour called on Ghanaians to immediately call the Fire Service Emergency Number in the event accident victims get trapped in the vehicle for quick response to help save lives. He further reminded Vehicle owners and Drivers to always keep fire extinguishers in the vehicles. Prosper Adankai

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