Why are the Jews behind most inventions on Earth? By GREG ODOGWU (CITIZEN SMITH)



Question 4: Why are the Jews behind most inventions on Earth?

Answer: The best way to understand this question is to also understand that the Jews are the eldest brothers of all Christians and Muslims on Earth. Most inventions on Earth came to the world from Jews, Christians and Muslims. Jews, being the eldest, take the major share of these.

The mystery behind it is the same I previously explained concerning Jacob’s status in the Interdimensional equation. The supernatural beings that decided to give him power came from the first Human civilization. These beings, known as the Illuminati, sought to ACCELERATE our evolution. They needed to teach us new things very fast. And the fastest way to get somebody’s attention is through Religion. So, when they chose to “bless” Israel and his adopted children in Islam and Christianity, it was all about bringing in new CULTURE and TECHNOLOGIES via religion.

Naturally, the Jews achieved first because the engine room of the Abraham Project is in their backyard. Therefore, just as fighting the Jews is about fighting the Illuminati, tapping from the Illuminati is tantamount to upholding the Jews.

Please note: After the Jews are destroyed, it would be the turn of the Christians to be destroyed. And after the Christians are destroyed, it would be the turn of the Muslims to be slaughtered and destroyed!

This is why the so-called Anti-Christ is a subject matter in these major World Religions. The Jews, the Christians and the Muslims are all to face the wrath of the Anti-Christ because these three Religions are ILLUMINATI projects!

Now, back to technology. One of the Truths revealed to this Movement is that what we know as the New Age Movement, which started in America, was actually a Dimension 7 revolution, through which the REAL TECHNOLOGY that we need to develop fast and connect to the unseen Dimension 7, was released to the world.

FACT CHECK: The New Age Movement has its root in the USA with the advent of SPIRITISM – the religion of contacting the dead. It sprang up with the poltergeist phenomenon witnessed by the Fox Sisters. This singular event attracted worldwide media attention and spread like a wildfire across the world. The founders of the Theosophical Society started as Spiritists.

The Theosophical Society became the official channel through which Dimension 7 Humans released knowledge and technologies to us, Earth 🌎 Citizens. It also officially introduced SATANISM to Earth. It became the weapon to fight Judaism, Christianity and Islam – creations of the Illuminati.

Adolf Hitler of Germany, a student of New Age Movement, took this philosophy to the next level. Therefore, Hitler was a soldier of Dimension 7, trying to destroy the edifice constructed in Europe and the world by the Illuminati.

Boko Haram is on a similar task. I have discussed this elaborately on my Facebook post entitled “Boko Haram and the Extraterrestrial Option”.

As a matter of fact, scientists of today hate Religion because the Dimension 7 Humans have captured their imagination through the illumination of the New Age Movement. Present business people and innovators are now on the same page: Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, etc.


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