Clement Apak exposes what happened behind the scene….

Clement Apak, Member of Parliament for Builsa South

The Member of Parliament for the Builsa South Constituency Dr. Clement Apak has said, that what was witnessed in Parliament on the 6th midnight was a well- orchestrated plots and schemes designed to circumvent the rule of law, the right to freely and secretly select the speaker.

Below is the full details

The Chaotic Birth of The 8th Parliament – Folks, I have a lot to share regarding the occurrences associated with the official coming into being of our now 8th Parliament of the Republic of Ghana.

What happened was a spectacle. But, we had to stand up against well-orchestrated plots and schemes designed to circumvent the rule of law, the right to freely and secretly select our Speaker and to defend the right of an MP-ELECT to participate in proceedings he has the right to be a part of.

Yes it was dramatic and chaotic, but those whose overt and covert actions instigated the much needed and bold response from our determined NDC side ought to bare the bigger share of the blame. Senior NPP government and party officials know we know.

Make no mistake:

a) the earlier attempt to remove the MP-ELECT from the Chamber by the police before the start of proceedings;

b) the questionable injunction, how it got to the Clarke of Parliament, delivered when and by whom, and the attempt to use the injunction to prevent an MP-ELECT from voting;

c) the refusal of our NPP colleagues to vote secretly as required by law and as directed;

d) the invitation of the Military to invade parliament – at a time there was no government (executive or legislature) – to intimidate us because of our insistence that voting must be secret;

f) the eventual snatching of the counted ballot paper by Hon. Carlos Ahenkorah;

Were all part of a plot to ensure a particular outcome, get Mr. Akufo-Addo’s choice, Prof. Mike Oquaye, imposed on us as the Speaker of the 8th Parliament of the Republic of Ghana.

We the NDC Majority were resolute, determined and prepared to pay the ultimate price in defence of our democracy and to truly represent the undiluted interest of the good people of Ghana.

Ghanaians died voting for us, Ghanaians died protecting our ballots, Ghanaians have been maimed and brutalised because of us, and the least we could do was to go all out in defending what they sacrificed for.

What our side did, we did not for ourselves but for God and Country. We certainly could not have allowed a second attempt to subvert the will of the people.

I remain a citizen.

Dr. Clement Apaak

M.P, Builsa South

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