UER: Dachio Chief renamed the dam constructed in his community from FOOTBALL PARK to WEEDY DAM

Chief of Dachio, Naaba Akaliga II

Chief of Dachio, a community in the Bolgatanga East District of the Upper East region Naaba Akaliga II has intensified his disappointment at the implementation of the government’s One Village One Dam project in his community, as he further renamed the dam constructed from his earlier description of football park to now ‘weedy dam’.

The Upper East Region has a unimodal rainy season usually from April to October. Study indicates that there were variations in rainfall between the months. The variations in monthly rainfall and in both night and day temperatures determine the rainy and dry seasons in the Upper East Region and these was as a result of climate change. So, government policy of One Village One Dam (1V1D) is better project to address the challenges of farmers  various communities.

But according to Naaba Akaliga II who was speaking in an exclusive interview with Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen of Apexnewsgh.com said the dam is already drying up in the month of January.

He said, when the news came to him, that his community will benefit from the government policy of 1V1D, he was excited and to the extent of calling his community members to inform them how necessary it was to vote for the party who was bringing such initiative but, little did he know they are only coming to destroy their trees and land.

“We are in January not even February and the dam is drying up. Is this a dam? When I described it as a football park, they took it all over the world. In fact, I am not a politician and I don’t play politics but what I see with my naked eye is what I was saying, but they took it the other way saying am supporting this NDC and is never so. Since the time memorial, Dachio have had no dam. So, when I heard them mentioned that they want to come and dig a dam here, I was very very happy and called my people and told them this party is trying to alleviate our poverty. So, for that matter, we are going to vote for that party because they are coming to construct a dam here, this was my first initiative. But, at the long run when they started it, they didn’t inform me. You imagine, you are coming to use my land which I have provided and if the need be, that the land is to be constructed you have to inform me but, I was not told. I took myself to the site and when I saw the contractor and he said he was going to use 18 days to construct the dam, I said what kind of dam is this and he replied I should wait and see. I told the contractor that I have never seen that before because even the grader you are using to construct the dam is not a grader, we use it for roads and you are using it for a dam. He came and destroy trees; we are having more than over 50 trees and at long last 18 days elapsed and they said they have finished”. He narrated

“The DCE is there, he will also not inform me but, during the campaign time, he said he wasn’t also aware but, he was here for the construction, in fact, the Dachio dam is nil, they have done nothing here. Even when I said football park is now worst, they said it was a dugout, it doesn’t qualify to be called a dugout, a dugout is never done this way. Am sitting here looking at it, except if there is a Jesus somewhere to come and help us”. He said

“When they are now in the house, some of them lost their seats and they are now consoling each other, who will come out at all. I think they are waiting for the new DCE to be appointed, maybe he will come up and say something, it is real nobody is talking about it”.

Asking how the Dachio Community people are feeling with the uncompleted dam especially in this time of the dry season, the only replied saying the people of Dachio Community paid the personality concerned in his coin by not voting him again into power.

“The people of Dachio paid the one who is concerned in his coin by not voting him back into power, he has been kicked out. If the government will change his decision and bring back, we don’t know. But we are looking for a new DCE”. He told Apexnewsgh.com

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