Gambibgo ICT lab Center inaugurated


The Chief and people of Gambibgo have inaugurated an ICT lab to empower students in the Community. The ICT lab is noted to be the first of its kind in the Gamibgo Community.

Addressing the congregation during the inaugural ceremony, Samuel Asante the Training Coordinator for the Maxim Nyansa Foundation said, in today’s rapidly evolving world, technology plays a pivotal role in every aspect of our lives. It has transformed the way we communicate, work, and learn.

Therefore, the establishment of this ICT lab is not just a room filled with computers and wires; it is a platform for innovation, creativity, and growth.

According to Mr. Asante, the significance of the Gambibgo lab goes beyond its physical space and the impressive array of hardware and software at our disposal. It signifies our dedication to providing the best possible education to our students, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the 21st century.

“This ICT lab is more than just a collection of computers; it is a gateway to limitless opportunities. It will empower our students to explore new horizons, engage in collaborative learning, and develop essential digital skills that are integral to their future success.

“In this lab, students will learn not only how to use technology but how to harness it for solving real-world problems. This is going to be the beginning of acquiring programming skills, exploring the world of robotics, delving into the realms of artificial intelligence, data science, and creating digital content that could change the world”.

He believes the lab will facilitate a seamless integration of technology into the curriculum. It will allow our teachers to adopt innovative teaching methods, making lessons more engaging and interactive. As a result, our students will be better prepared to excel in a fast-paced and technology-driven society.

Mr. Asante expresses his deepest gratitude to their sponsor organization in the Netherlands, the Macina Foundation, the chief of Gambibgo, the school management committee, the headmistress of Gambibgo primary school, teachers, parents, students and all those who have contributed to the realization of this project.

Gamibgo Chief, Sadik Ayine Inusah expressed satisfaction, especially with the cooperation he has received towards the ICT Lab project.

According to Chief Sadik, It is his birthright as a Gambibcan to work hard to see to it that his community and the entire Gambibgo are developed. “Wherever I think I can reach my hand as long as I know the help am going to get is legitimate help, I will go for it without any political malice. I am not a politician”.

He appreciated the PTA for its wonderful work over the years since they started to construct the ICT center.
“At a point, I gave a promise that, I wanted to have my first computers in the center, at a certain level, I came to the realization that I needed to put in money to complete it rather than waiting for completion of the center before I bring in the computers. So, at a point, I decided to pump in money and then, you know the lord is always listening, the lord brought in Macina Foundation and Maxim Nyansa to support in this case and that’s why I have singled them out to honor them on this occasion”
The Chief during his speech also recommended the Bolga East NPP parliamentary candidate Mr. Silas Amoah Mathew for his contribution to the community welfare.

“I recommend this young man for having eagle eyes and ears to where we try to get something done. He is always there to do it for me. I would like to thank the honorable Silas Amoah Mathew who has been there all these years. I understand the current dynamics of Bolga East where people would want to push you into the lines of politics. I am a Royal and I am not intending to do politics. The young man has done great work for the Gambibgo community. And I am here today to tell you that he has done well for the Gambibgo community and the entire Gambibgo people are so grateful to you”.

Speaking about the security of the ICT center, Chief Sadik said, is dear to their heart.

“When I was trying to bring in these computers, there was one cardinal rule that I should have a security man because we don’t want a computer to come in and the next day is missing. It will interest you to know that we don’t have a security man in the school. I have followed my good DCE and I have also followed to GES Director and he told me how he is constrained to provide security man for the school”.
He revealed that, he had made a request for security through the government to help safeguard the computers.

The Upper East Regional Education Director Bright Nawae who was represented by his Human Resource (HR) did not hide his excitement for the well-furnished Gambibgo ICT lab center. He said, the ICT Lab center will help shape the students’ knowledge in the current world of Technology.

He extended his gratitude to the Gambibgo Chief, Macina Foundation, Silas Mathew Amoah, Maxim Nyansa,  Vrienden Van de Christopher (VVC), school management, and everyone who has contributed in one way or the other.

20 schools within the Bolga district benefitted from the ICT training with teachers numbering 34 receiving certificates. The idea was to help these teachers take the knowledge acquired from the training to their various schools.

Personalities, such as the District Education Director George Asira, the former Regional Minister Rockson Bukari, the NPP Parliamentary candidate Mathew Amoah and others were all present at the inauguration.

Some pictures taken at the inauguration.


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