I blamed parents for not providing nose mask to their wards as they return back to school—GNAT President


GNAT President Philipa Larsen has expressed some disappointment after witnessing that some students in some schools were not wearing nose masks to protect themselves from the deadly coronavirus.

Madam Philippa who was speaking on Joy FM monitored by Tuesday morning has blamed parents for not providing nose masks for their children who are  mandated to return to school.

“Let me state that the distribution of the logistic has commenced but unfortunately because of the large number of the schools, not all the logistics have gotten to the schools. So, you realized that some schools have gotten some items and some schools have not gotten anything at all, the items are still on the way depending on the districts, the community you find yourselves. But this morning, I was a bit disappointed especially because I met a lot of children and out of about 10 people you meet, only 1 or 2 will be in a nose mask and I believe this is where the parent has to come in to support their wards because all Ghanaians are stakeholders of Education and that is where I felt a bit disappointed that some parents did not provide nose mask to their wards” Chidozie Stephen

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